Mammoth 11/30/11

30 Nov, 2011

In my opinion, a good park chair offers up the best views, quickest laps and good people. Chair 6 at Mammoth definitely offers up all three of that list. I hit Chair 6 to get my park fix today, a little disgruntled at the lack of snow so the rest of the mountain can open fully but happy that atleast park is fun.

I met up with the skier for laps. He’s on the Main Park skill level and I’m more Forest Park skill level but luckily they are next to each other on the mountain. We’ll hit up both or meet up halfway at the pipe each run. Today I ended up working on backside boardslides in Forest Trail on the flat boxes, just getting used to them again and having fun with it.

The skier in Main Park

Daniel lapping through Forest Trail

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