Northstar 11/27/11

27 Nov, 2011

What a day. Today made my Thanksgiving weekend. Maybe it was the lack of crowds, the good conditions, the sunshine or maybe it was all those combined with good people. Ever since visiting Northstar last weekend, it just keeps getting better and better. Today we woke up early, left a sleeping house in North Tahoe and made our way to Northstar for a morning of shred before heading back to Mammoth. At the base, the skier and I met up with our good friend Adam and later on joined up with Jenise for park laps.

The sun was out, the temperatures were slightly warmer and the mountain was ours (well, ours and a couple others). We headed up to the top of the mountain to make good morning laps, carving up the corduroy with runs to ourselves and could ride up to the lift with no lines each time. One thing I’ve noticed at Northstar is the employees are happy and it shows. It makes you happy to be around happy people who are having fun.

Adam getting his carve on in the morning

After warming up with laps on the Comstock Express lift, we headed over to Vista Express to lap the park and have fun. The park setup had changed since last week, there were more features and a lot of easier to ride on features in place. I played with a lot more features than I expected and had a good fall off the down flat setup but it meant I was trying something harder.

Adam busting his moves on the jump in the park

The skier on the down to flat box

This shot of Adam is a keeper. We tried all day to perfect Tebow’ing on the slopes.

In the mid morning we met up with Jenise so our park of four could be complete! Jenise ripped through the park and was a blast to hang out with.

Adam on the flat to down, flat box combo

I really love Epicmix. I’m already addicted to the tracking, badges and social value it adds but also the limitless possibilities for sharing photos from the mountain. We took 11 photos today, group shots, fun shots, Michael Jackson shots, Tebow’ing shots…the possibilities were endless. Here’s a shot from today, the four of us looking our best.

Times flies when you are having fun and it was hard to say we had to leave for the day but a doggy was waiting in the truck and a long drive home meant it was an early day for us. We said our byes to Jenise and headed down the run to the bottom. I still couldn’t believe how good the riding was and the lack of people on the slopes for a holiday weekend.  Definitely happy to be riding Northstar  this season, again thanks to Jess and Adam for the good times!

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  1. November 27, 2011

    Such a fun day! Hopefully we can ride together again soon! I’ll be making a handful of Mammoth trips this season so we’ll have to connect down there. :]

  2. November 27, 2011

    Jenise, for sure! Glad we met up and made laps together! Definitely will have to connect down here and I’ll definitely be back in Tahoe throughout the season.

  3. Anita
    November 28, 2011

    hey Shay
    i’ve never been to Northstar,,,how are the conditions? good groomers? plenty of runs open?


  4. December 04, 2011

    Anita, Conditions are good for California. It’s really soft groomed snow and decent coverage plus good amount of runs open so it’s a lot of fun. The conditions are much better than Mammoth, where it’s icy and hardpacked right now.