Review: Aerial 7 Neo Headphones

23 Nov, 2011

Intended Purpose: Feel your music while blocking out the rest of the world. Good for the mountain or whatever else you need them for. The Neo ear buds have a built in microphone so you can use them for phone calls.

Sound: Pretty clear sound but I’m no sound expert. They work, they play my songs as they should sound and I can take phone calls without sounding like I’m in a windstorm. The ear buds do block out other sounds easily.

Appearance: The Neo ear buds come in multiple colors but I received them in the dark rasta colorway which is still pretty fun with the colors. I personally like the slurpee color for my personal taste but you don’t notice the color when you rock them on the mountain.

Ear Fit: Aerial 7’s have been good to me on ear fit, definitely ending my use of the horrible Apple headphones that hurt my ears after use. These ear buds comes in a double dome shape which is my first time using them and they also give you three different sizes to make sure the fit is there. My ears work with the fit and the double dome shape does an okay job at staying in my ears, for some reason one ear is more likely to come out if I don’t put it in as good. The ear buds have been comfortable on road trips, working out at the gym and snowboarding so far this season.

Features: The aerial 7 Neo ear buds are engineered to deliver the highest quality listening experience from your ipod, phone or mp3 player. For those who want to talk and ride or talk and drive, there’s a built in microphone for use with an iphone or blackberry. It comes with three different sizes on the double dome ear gels and 1 pair of memory foam cushions. The cable is braided which provided durability and flexibility for long term use. It also comes with a carry case. The technical specs are 8mm driver diameter, Impedance: 19?, Frequency Response: 20-20KHz, Sensitivity (S.P.L.): 97±3dB (at 1KHz) and Input Plug Diameter: 3.5mm iPhone®. I really like the extra gel sizes, because you know losing those things in your backpack is the worst part and having spares is super nice. The braided cable does seem durable, but it can get tangled and takes a second to untangle.

Durability: I started using these headphones for daily use around town, on the road and in the gym before the snowboard season began. I liked that I could run on the elliptical while wearing these and not having them fall out (unless the one ear wasn’t in right). Once the season began, I’ve been using them for music while riding. For quality so far, they’ve been holding up but I’m also going to be using them all season so I’ll update this as the season goes.

Thoughts: When it comes to communication, easy listening and accessibility in terms of headphones, I like using ear buds for everything from the mountain to town to the gym. They help zone out music when I need it (yeah grunting man at the gym, that’s you), keep tunes cranking on the mountain so I don’t tune out the hill completely but have enough sounds to make my day better and allow me to talk on the phone without being distracted or getting a ticket. The Neo’s offer up a comfortable ear bud so I can listen to my music on the slopes, it works for staying in the ear and isn’t bulky or distracting. The rasta color I’ve come to like mostly because the colors are fun.

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Review Disclosure: This product was given to me from Aerial 7.

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