Review: Airhole Tie Up Mask

01 Nov, 2011

Intended Purpose: Airhole designs their masks with a signature airhole design at the mouth so you can inhale/exhale easily, drink water through it and shred all day with good breathability.

Appearance: I received the Tie Up Mask with the gigantic logo print but with a mix of blue/purple/pinkish stripes. Some of the other masks are crazy designs or really simple, this one has a mix of bright fun with simple.

Best Used for: The Tie Up Mask is designed to protect your face from the elements. Snow, rain, wind or sun. It’s a lightweight material so I wonder how well it will do on really cold days but it seems great for most of the winter riding and really good for spring conditions.

Fit: The Tie Up Mask is one size fits all since you can adjust the tightness/looseness yourself. Once adjusted properly you can pull up and down when you need it and still keep the tightness in the back of your neck as you like it. The airhole is in good positioning for my mouth and shape of my face. The tie up portion around your neck has enough material to keep your neck slightly covered up and warmer.

Durability: Normally when you get something white you have reason to be worried but so far the Airhole mask has held up just fine over the spring conditions. Since the material is one size fits all and you determine the tightness/looseness it doesn’t appear that stretching will be an issue with this mask.

Thoughts: I got this mask just in time for the start of the Facemask Friday giveaways in the springtime and grabbed it from the stack so I could try out, use and review. It was ideal for those sunny days where I needed a mask that was breathable and not too hot. The lightweight material let me breathe while riding, the airhole made it so I could take deep breaths without sucking in the mask and getting that suffocation feeling.

I’m going to use the mask during more winter conditions this season and update this review as I test out the mask in harsher conditions.

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On-Snow Photo

Airhole Tie Up Mask Description


Review Disclosure: This product was given to me by Airhole. I grabbed it to try out when they shipped me a bunch of them for giveaways.

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  1. manhattanproj
    November 04, 2011

    general question: how do you tie bandana/mask? double knot? for some reason, mine always comes loose.

  2. November 05, 2011

    Manhattan, I double knot most of the time. That way it won’t come loose on me.

  3. Sydney
    November 07, 2011

    Hey Shay, what goggles are they? they look awesome.

  4. Ian
    November 08, 2011

    Hey. Do you find the mask stays up/in position ok? I worry it might keep slipping down!

  5. November 08, 2011

    Sydney, those are Smith I/OS goggles based off the men’s I/O goggles. Love those lenses!

    Ian, for the most part it stayed up. I also tucked the mask into my goggle on my face so it stayed more secure.

  6. November 10, 2011

    Shay, great review. I’m hate breathing warm air inside my face masks. These seems like it will solve that problem!