Review: Speck x Burton Fitted iPhone Case

03 Nov, 2011

Intended Purpose: The Speck x Burton Fitted iPhone case is a collaboration between Speck and Burton that delivers the protective quality of Speck and the visually stimulating patterns from Burton. It makes your iPhone look better with a better feel to it.

Fit: This is a two piece hard shell design that snaps and locks together. The phone has bounced around a couple times but the case hasn’t disconnected. It hugs the iPhone design and still looks good without any extra bulk to it.

Appearance: I received a couple pattern options for the Speck x Burton case (some went to giveaways) and ended up picking out the two that I liked. In the end I went with the Lumber Lighter fabric which is a plaid color assortment. For 2012, they have even more options to choose from (definitely lots of plaids). I like plaids so it’s fun to have this on my iPhone case.

Features: The Speck x Burton fitted case comes with a two-piece hard shell design. This was very easy to snap together and it does form a good fit to my iPhone 4S. On the back of the case is tactile fabric and on the sides it has a matte soft touch coating. The overall look and feel of the case is very cool, it’s not crazy bulky like other protective cases and it has a good fabric design.  It was weird at first to feel the fabric instead of a hard cold surface. To protect the phone if you drop it, there’s a raised bezel that extends beyond the edge of the screen.

Durability: For the past couple weeks this has been my iPhone case to protect my phone from clumsyness, water and whatever else might come along. It’s got a good sturdy protective case that’s not overly bulky but does the job. It doesn’t have a screen cover so you still have to be careful with the screen but it’s treated me well and so far protected my phone from the usual bumps and bruises it can encounter.

Thoughts: I’ve had the Speck x Burton iPhone cases since last winter in hopes I could do a giveaway with them. I ended up keeping one for myself so that I could review it when I finally purchased my new iPhone. The funny thing was I bought an Otterbox protective case first without remembering I had these cases at home already. I realized soon after, put on the Speck x Burton case and even after the Otterbox showed up, I haven’t made the switch to the bulky design from this slim fitting fabric design. The durability is there, it’s enough protection for my phone without making it feel like I’m carrying a massive 90’s cell phone in my pocket. The design is cool, I have grown to like the fabric on the back of the phone (it took some time to adjust to the feeling of it) and I like that the fabric on the back helps my iPhone from sliding right out of my pocket.

I still haven’t made the switch to the Otterbox yet and I’ve been thinking about returning it so I can keep using this case.  It definitely means this case does the job and makes it look good doing it.

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Speck x Burton Fitted iPhone Case Description


Review Disclosure: I received this case from Speck long before I had an iPhone.

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  1. Dave brake
    November 03, 2011

    Wow gotta get one o these.. They got button on em!!!

    Can’t wait till I’m wiping my arse with button design loo paper

    Come on shay your better than this

  2. Stephen
    November 08, 2011

    I think that comment is a bit unfair Dave. If you want a case for your iPhone, what’s wrong with having something that Burton (or button if you prefer) has collaborated on?