Canyons 12/8/11

08 Dec, 2011

A detour can lead to many great things. Today’s detour included a morning stop at the Canyons Resort in Utah to get our fix of skiing and snowboarding. The best part of today was the resort to ourselves, soft snow groomers and fun turns with friends. We woke up in Park City and headed to the Canyons, parked and took the people mover to the base, then the gondola up to the slopes. The mountain coverage is great for the runs open right now.

For me being at the Canyons was a reminder of the light fluffy snow that Utah offers and the aspen trees that I’ve missed the past year. It’s breathtaking and feels good under the feet. The day started with Dan and myself but later we joined up with Philip, a friend from Colorado.

Philip snowboarding down Upper Lookout Ridge run

Dan at the Top of Saddleback Express lift

I’ve only been to the Canyons a couple times but they always keep their park creative with what they have. Today was no exception, a mix of boxes and rails through the early season park. Plus a car…yep a car at the end of a box.

Dan on the flat box

The day was cut short due to needing to be in Colorado for an event so we got our early turns and hit the road during midday in order to be on the highway. But definitely coming back through Utah for snowboarding on Sunday. Can’t wait!

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