Lapping the mountain with AlpineReplay

01 Dec, 2011

In October I upgraded to a new phone and started using apps to make my mountain experience better. One of those apps was AlpineReplay, a free app designed to track the mountain experience on any mountain that delivers your riding stats from vertical feet, to mph, to calories burned. AlpineReplay works on any iPhone or Android, I currently use it on my Iphone. All your data is kept on where you can easily view your riding stats, overall data and days on snow. You can connect with friends and challenge them to a race or just use it to track your stats on the mountain.

Each day before I start riding (or a couple runs into it), I’ll go to the app and hit the play button to start the recording. It isn’t automatic so you must tell it when to start tracking your runs. I let it record and forget about it until I turn it off after riding. During the day if you take a break, you can pause it and resume it when you start riding again. When your day is complete, you send the data and it collects it on your profile and updates for the day.

Here is a look at yesterday’s lunch laps at Mammoth from my iPhone to give an idea of how much information it gathers each time you go riding.

Finally you get a map of your runs for the day. It’ll show you a map of the mountain and your tracked runs. I was lapping Chair 6 at Mammoth so I didn’t get spread out on the mountain but it’ll be cool to see the map when I ride the whole mountain on a single day.

Here’s a video that introduces AlpineReplay and how it works. You can also visit for more information.

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  1. Elias
    December 01, 2011

    Awesome~~~ but does it work in Japan??? and does it require alot of data transmission? because you know… when we are abroad, we won’t want to use data as much as it costs alot.

    Thanks for sharing. 😀

  2. December 01, 2011


    The beauty of our app is that it will work worldwide at any resort you go to because it is GPS based. So it will work in Japan.

    About the data transmission. It only requires that you have data or wifi connection to upload to our site. You can record data without a wireless connection. My recommendation would be to record while you are riding and then when you get back to your hotel or a place with wifi to upload then to help minimize data transmission.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at

    Have a fun riding!

    -Taylor Horowitz (Marketing Coordinator/Colorado Brand Manager for AlpineReplay)

  3. December 04, 2011

    Since this runs GPS tracking constantly, can you comment on battery drain throughout the day? I’d love to run this throughout the day but I’d be concerned that the combo of the cold temps and GPS might tank the battery.