Mammoth 12/20/11

20 Dec, 2011

The good news? The mountain is open. The bad news? Holiday crowds are riding limited terrain and manmade snow conditions. Today we headed up together for laps but stuck to South Park to ride the park. It’s frustrating because I’d love to ride other stuff but there’s really nothing open other than parks and riding outside of parks in my opinion is a recipe for injury. There are so many people on the limited runs that you feel like you will hit at any moment. We didn’t last long, just a couple hours and called it when the lines got long after lunch.
The skier trying out Jamie Lynn’s artwork in South Park
Today I tried out the Spy Platoon goggles on the mountain. Here’s my best impression of the view, it’s like being in a big fishbowl with a huge view of the world. The peripheral is good but the vision from cheeks to forehead is insane.
The skier in South Park
Boobies on a box, yep! Jamie Lynn’s well known Phoenix graphic makes it to a box setup.
I’ll be out riding tomorrow to get my fix but probably skipping out the rest of this week. It’s just too busy and not enough snow to make it worth going.

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