Review: Bonfire Banked Fleece Jacket

22 Dec, 2011

Intended Purpose: The Bonfire Banked Fleece is essential for the mountains. The jacket is designed with a fleece lining for snowboarding (or around town) and an accented hood. It’s a great collection for layering on the mountain during the cold winter or warm spring conditions.

Fit: It was designed to be a layering piece in the Bonfire line so the fit hugs the body without being overly loose. It features a longer fit in my opinion so it doesn’t feel short and the sleeves are a good length. I can zip up the jacket and have good protection around the neck and head for windy days on the mountain.

Appearance: I received the banked fleece as a gift from the skier in the bright red color. It’s bright and I really like the color. There are other color options like black, blue, green and grey but I really like the bright red.

Features: The fleece jacket features polyester on the outside with fleece lining on the inside. It offers no waterproofing so it’s meant for being under a jacket or in warmer spring conditions. It’s a pretty minimal design with zippered pockets, nothing on the inside of the jacket. On the sleeves there are thumb holes which are my favorite for normal wear. It’s recommended for a layering piece and it fulfills the job without being too bulky or too thick of material.

Durability: I wore this jacket under my jacket during the cold winter days and then also rocked it as a spring jacket in the late season at Mammoth. There are some wear marks on the jacket but overall it’s held up good through the riding. Nothing major like a tear on the jacket.

Thoughts: Normally when a guy gets me something, it probably won’t work but this was the opposite. I got the fleece jacket from the skier and fell in love with it. It’s so damn comfortable that you wear it around town and it makes for a great layering piece you can wear on the mountain in any condition. For spring laps, it really fit the build for something to protect from the wind and keep you comfortable without being the t-shirt rider who gets scraped up each run. I still own the jacket and it still is my go-to jacket for around town and when temperatures get cold, it’ll be under my main jacket for this winter.

The version I’m rocking is older than this current years so it does not have the chest zipper pocket.

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Review Disclosure: The skier gave this to me as a gift.

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