Binding Review: 11-12 Burton Stiletto

22 Jan, 2012

Location: Mammoth Mountain, CA

Snow Conditions: Hardpacked to icy groomers.

Setup: I rode the Burton Stilettos on the Burton Lipstick with my Vans Ferra Boots size 8.

Time to set up the binding: This was an easy set up for my boots. Probably one of the easier bindings to get going and didn’t require much adjustment.

Fit: I tried the Stiletto bindings in the larges which were a good fit for my boots. The straps are super padded and look big on my boots but offer a good amount of support.

First Impression: The Stilettos are a really easy going binding, definitely a great progressive choice for women.

Appearance: The Stilettos I tried were the Lime Drop colorchoice. They are really fun, bright and youthful looking with flowers and the mix of lime/yellow in the binding.

Comfort: The Stilettos take on the comfort of the higher end Burton bindings to the max level. They are super comfortable, padded to the extreme and make you feel like you are attached to pillows.

Functionality: The Burton Stilettos come with the 3D curved Lushstrap for the ankle strap and Prima Capstrap for the toe strap. Both offer up good padding, EVA with the ankle strap and the Triple Axis Spine on the toe strap with grip fit. The highback is a single component canted highback, ergonomically fit to women and a natural alignment. The microflad offers micro adjustability on the fly. The baseplate is lightweight with a component EST baseplate with a removable shredbed 2.0 cushioning for padding. The buckles are smooth glide for reliable ratcheting.

Flex: The Stilettos are on the softer end for a women’s binding which makes them super forgiving and comfortable. Good support from the highback that holds you into turns but there isn’t a ton of response so you have a more mellow easy ride down the mountain.

Response: The Stiletto’s aren’t full of response since they are not suited to be that way. They are easier to ride, more forgiving and less responsive so the rider never feels too out of control on them. If you want more responsive, go for the Lexas or super responsive Escapades. If you want progressing with ease, the Stilettos.

Toe Strap: The Primo capstrap is a bulkier toe strap that offers up a lot of support from the toe of the boot. It held my boot securely during riding and offered up a ton of support from the toe of the boot.

Overall Impression: They are designed to be an easy going binding that is suitable for the progressive female rider and they stay true to their design. It’s a great start to getting on the mountain with a softer easy forgiving flex and it will make for a really comfortable ride down the mountain.

Shay’s Honesty Box:  Definitely one of the more easy rider bindings out there from Burton but it’s a great deal for the features you get on the binding. It’s padded, comfortable and offers up a fun ride. I was really happy with the Stiletto/Lipstick pairing because it made for a really fun ride.

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Review Disclosure: I demoed this binding at a Burton demo day.

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