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10 Jan, 2012

In this day and age, boredom is when you turn to your smartphone to check out the latest updates on social media, play on Words with Friends or go for the win with Angry Birds. But for snowboarders, there’s a new game in town that lets you get your shred fix while hanging around. SummitX Snowboarding by Free Range Games went live in December with a game app dedicated to snowboarders passing the time doing what they do best – snowboard.

For the past month, I’ve been playing with the game during those downtime moments. I went with the female snowboarder to be my rider and slowly been acquiring her grab skills, snowboard gear and getting used to the game. It’s pretty fun to see Automaton Snowboards and Pop Outerwear featured in the game.

I’m not the best gamer and generally have a hard time with controlling the riding but on this game, I found it pretty easy with the thumb movements to control the turns and pop in a couple grabs off the jumps. The first scores were still pretty rough, it definitely took a couple rounds to feel more comfortable with the movements. I’m still working on my skills to get up to higher levels but so far it’s keeping me busy and away from Angry Birds.

So if you are looking for a new game to add to your smartphone for the downtime or when you want to escape, check out SummitX Snowboarding. The game is available on iPhones and Android for $4.99. Here’s the video that showcases the graphics, riding and playing the game.

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