Heavenly 1/4/12

04 Jan, 2012

With the lack of snow in Mammoth, it was an easy decision to visit my friend Ashley at Heavenly for two days of riding. Tahoe seems to be better off with snow coverage and snowmaking capabilities so you don’t get too much impact damage on the mountain. It’s been a couple years since I’ve visited Heavenly but it’s always been a memorable mountain. The views of Lake Tahoe while riding is quite heavenly and you can ride two states in one day (California/Nevada). Plus since trying out Epicmix, I really wanted to get the badge for riding Heavenly and Northstar and one Colorado resort. Done!

I met up with Ashley at the base of the gondola to start our shred adventure for the day. We ended up making our way over to the Nevada side of the mountain to get our turns in.

A collage that really showcases the full day at Heavenly.

I worked with Ashley at Mammoth last year and was really bummed to lose a riding buddy this year but now she’s at Heavenly for snow reporting and doing an awesome job with their videos. Of course we got a fair share of Epicmix photos, including some really funny ones we’re waiting to see uploaded. Today I earned a couple new badges, including the Calirado badge for riding Northstar and Heavenly and one Colorado resort in the same season (rode Keystone last month).

Mountain conditions are manmade snow but for the most part soft in spots and the runs offer quite a bit of riding terrain for the length of them. By 1pm, the heat was noticeable on the mountain and definitely a jacket was too much for the conditions. We enjoyed the soft snow and headed down to the base to grab some grub and beers on a sundeck.

Ashley riding down a run at Heavenly.

The park was in great shape, smaller to medium features on the left and the bigger features on the right. I wasn’t expecting to lap park with Ashley but we ended up taking a couple laps through to play on the smaller features and big dance box.

Ashley took this photo of me on the mini a-frame box in Heavenly’s park.

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