Heavenly 1/5/12

05 Jan, 2012

Two days in heaven. That’s exactly what I needed and received at Heavenly Mountain. Today was even better than yesterday, which I thought wasn’t possible since I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face yesterday. It’s amazing how good, fun people can make a day on the mountain the best.

This morning the timing worked out to my advantage. I parked and had walked only 10 feet before I ran into fellow Windells crew Scotty Hoffman in the parking lot. We headed up the gondola and got in a couple morning laps together before I met up with more friends.

Scotty “Banger” Hoffman nosepress

A couple laps later and I was able to run into Geoff working Park Crew. I know Geoff from my good friend, Julie and riding Mt Hood a couple summers ago. This was the first time I’ve seen him since he moved out from the east coast to California.

Geoff knows how to press his Arbor Draft

Yesterday we explored the mountain so today we spent the whole day in the park on the Tamarack chair just lapping park run after run. I worked on the mini box line and getting better at boardslides on the disco box while everyone else worked on way harder tricks. At the bottom, we’d connect and head back up the lift. Temps were a bit cooler today thanks to a touch of winds on the mountain. I wore a fleece and was comfortable all day without getting too hot.

Fate worked out even better, I heard my name called out on the top of the park and the rad and beautiful Kumara Kelley was there. Kumara really throws down and is the sweetest chick in the park. Got a couple shots of her on the jumps and rails each lap.

Soon after, my friend Ashley got off work and joined our group for riding time. She’s working on getting comfortable on flat boxes. I followed her onto the disco box to get this shot of her 50-50.

On our very last run I finally got to meet up with Deno who I had met at Windells Camp two summers ago. Pretty rad to be able to keep in touch with people I met at camp and snowboard with them.

Definitely can’t wait for more fun days like that!

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  1. phil
    January 06, 2012

    that sucks i missed you but thats awesome you had fun at the heave. next time.

  2. Ashley S
    January 06, 2012

    Awesome day!!!!

  3. January 09, 2012

    Phil, it’s cool, had a great day! Heading back up to Northstar tomorrow for two days of riding.

    Ashley, yeah Northstar next!