June Mountain 1/3/12

03 Jan, 2012

The vibe at June Mountain has always been great. It’s a mountain that is full of good times. I finally talked the skier into joining me for a June day despite the park not being insanely huge right now. We ended up having a great day on the slopes, working on tricks in the mini park. He worked on spins and I worked on hitting more features.

The skier and myself on the J1 lift

There’s still only one run open at June but it’s one run that has soft snow conditions and barely anyone sharing it with you. We worked on switch riding for the run each time and ended up hiking park a lot of the day.

Today was a good day for myself. I finally started riding the long lift tower (for some reason metal tubes scare me) and ended up working on bonks on the barrels and a couple tricks on the flat box.

The skier on the tube

A couple falls throughout the day but that means progress

Excited to head up to South Lake Tahoe tomorrow to ride Heavenly the next two days. Always fun to check out other mountains and get a feel for conditions around California right now.

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  1. phil
    January 04, 2012

    the heave is my mountain lets take some laps in the park tmrw