Northstar 1/11/12

11 Jan, 2012

After a late night with the ShreddyTimes crew, today started with a beautiful view of Lake Tahoe and a fun day of shred on the slopes. Sometimes the best cure for a late night is getting moving and turning again. Ashley and I headed back to Northstar to get in a couple midday laps together before I headed back to Mammoth and she headed back to South Lake Tahoe. We headed into the Village and grabbed coffee before hitting the slopes. The sun was shining, groomers were groomed and the runs were almost to ourselves.

After a couple warm-up laps, it was time to get into the park and just lap our favorite doable features. I was really stoked on Ashley getting comfortable on the flat boxes in the park especially since they had bombholes after the boxes that you had to ride out of.

After a couple laps, we ran into Kumara and took laps together through the park. I got this shot of her on the jump.

The Shaun White pipe opened up at noon (it was closed for Revolution Tour practice in the morning) so we headed there for a humble lap through. Humble because everyone else was airing out of the pipe and we just took it easy, cruising up the walls.

Ended the afternoon early so I could make the three hour drive home. The next couple days I’ll be packing up and moving out so I’ll be updating the blog but also in limbo for a while. So as for where I’m riding next? That’s all up in the air right now.

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