Review: Pom Pom 2-Ply Necktube

15 Jan, 2012

Intended Purpose: Stay covered up on the slopes with a breathable, moisture wicking neck tube that protects your face and isn’t the  same old boring black design everyone else is rocking. The Pom Pom 2 ply necktube gives you bright options that work for coverage on the slopes.

Appearance: I received the Pom Pom 2-Ply in the blue/white somewhat checkered print. It’s a pretty subtle print with the color choices but still something somewhat bright for the mountain.

Best Used for: The 2 ply necktube can be used for a variety of mountain conditions. On the sunny days, keeping your face covered up and on the cold days, keeping you protected from the windchill.

Fit: The 2 ply necktube is one size fits all. The material is nylon/spandex so it’s stretchy and adjustable for the slopes. It fits me comfortably over the face. I typically wear it and then pull it up under my goggles if the wind is bad enough.

Durability: So far the mask has held up for the season with no issues on durability. Even after not washing the mask yet, it still smells quite nicely. No tears in the material since I’ve been using it on the slopes.

Thoughts: Even on the sunny warm days, having a facemask helps with blocking out the sun and helping on the windy Mammoth days that are pretty common. I’ve been rocking this mask a lot this winter thanks to the breathable nylon/spandex material and the inner mesh lining. It’s lightweight but does a good job protecting me and allowing me to breathe through it. The majority of the days this season have been sunny conditions but even on the rare snow days, it’s helped with keeping me warm and covered up.

I ended up picking out the design from a box of Pom Pom goodies for giveaways and have been happy in the blue pattern and simplicity of it.

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On-Snow Photo

Pom Pom 2 Ply Description



Review Disclosure: This product was given to me by Pom Pom to test and review.

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