Review: Smith Allure Helmet

02 Jan, 2012

Intended Purpose: The Allure helmet is designed for women wanting a lightweight helmet with super plush comfort and style.

Appearance: I ended up with the Allure helmet in the black pearl colorway. It’s a shiny gloss helmet with the black color option, the inside fleece tricot liner is a grey/silver ish coloring with a super plush softness to it. I like the design and appearance of the helmet, it’s simple and plain black goes with everyone but there’s still enough signature Smith design elements to it so it’s not bland.

Fit: I’m rocking the Smith Allure helmet in the medium size which is snug and fits my head very well. There’s no movement between my head and the goggle on the slopes. I have noticed some movement from front to back with the helmet but once I wear the goggles, it doesn’t appear to move as much.

Goggle Compatibility: I’ve been using the Smith Allure helmet with every goggle review this season. So far they’ve worked really well with Oakley Airbreak and Smith I/O and I/OS goggles. With the Spy Platoons which have a really large frame, they did ok but kept the goggles lower on my face with the helmet fit. With Spy Bias, they have a decent fit but some space between the helmet and goggle.

Features: The Smith Allure helmet comes with Smith’s Airflow Climate Control system, snapfit SL ear pads that are super padded and comfortable, removable goggle lock in the rear of the helmet, nine vents throughout the helmet, fleeced tricot lining on the inside liner. It’s designed to be a lightweight in-mold construction so the helmet is durable but doesn’t weigh that much. It has airevac 2 ventilation. For sound, I just rock my own headphones with the helmet. My favorite features other than protecting my head are the cushy padding the helmet features, it’s quite comfortable and the ventilation helps so I don’t overheat with the padding.

Durability: I’ve been rocking this helmet almost every day of this season, it’s helped with protection when I’ve eaten it off of rails and makes me feel a bit safer during the busy holiday crowds. So far you can see some marks in the glossy black helmet top after some falls but nothing that makes me think the helmet hasn’t done it’s job or is damaged.

Thoughts: The Smith Allure has been my main helmet this season, it’s lightweight and offers a good comfortable fit for women riders. One of the best perks of this helmet is the compatibility with goggles (especially on brands that aren’t Smith). The helmet is really padded for your head and the liner is super plush and soft, imagine a really good soft blanket that wraps your head. But it doesn’t overheat you on the mountain. This season has been warmer on temps so I’ve used the helmet in a ton of sunny days where you can get too hot but the ventilation has kept me cool on the mountain. On the snowy days, I didn’t notice the helmet getting any snow in weird places.

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Rocking the helmet

Side Profile with the Spy Bias goggles
Back clip

Smith Allure Description


Review Disclosure: I received this helmet from Smith to test and review.

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1 Comment

  1. jpink
    March 19, 2012

    Hey Shay,

    I got this helmet based on your review, and just got back from using it for a week in Colorado. It’s the first helmet I’ve ever had, so I’ve nothing to compare it to, but it really felt light and totally unobtrusive.

    It’s kinda crazy how it kept me warm enough when it was a little chilly and windy, yet never sweaty when it was just blue skies with the temps hitting the 50s. Also the amazing x-static fabric they have in the lining prevents static cling, so your hair stays on your head when you take your helmet off. Not such a big deal, but I definitely appreciated that little touch.

    As for comfort, again, I have nothing to compare it to, but this helmet rocks. Super comfy. No pressure points anywhere. Super light weight, fits with my old Oakleys without a gap, and did it’s job when some dummy knocked his skis over onto my head as I was strapping in for the first run of the trip! I’m glad I had my Allure on to protect my brain bucket.

    Thanks for another great review and for helping me choose a helmet!