SIA 2012: Day 3

28 Jan, 2012

After a long night of partying, Day three kicked off with a much needed can of Red Bull, comfortable shoes and something permanent that I’ll never forget. By the time the third day generally hits, you are a bit more tired but it’s well worth the lack of sleep for a whole lotta fun at SIA.

Arnette is hosting the beats, brews and tattoos at SIA during the show. I watched the tattoo artist do his work and checked out the goggle line. They have one new model this year that I can’t wait to try out!

Yesterday I sent the artwork to the tattoo artist at Arnette see if he could do it and this morning started the day getting ink thanks to Arnette (huge thanks!). This is my third tattoo that I have but my first snowboarding specific one. For a couple years, I’ve wanted to get this tattoo done and I couldn’t turn away a free tattoo to do it.

Years ago when I saw the Scott Lenhardt Craig Kelly Mural, I was in love with it. The shadow of Craig on the top of the mountain with the snowy footprints is everything to me. It’s inspiring, beautiful and really defines snowboarding.

I’ve been riding Oakley goggles and outerwear this season so it was a much needed stop into the booth to see the latest Pro Rider Collections for outerwear (Yeah MFR has one) and the latest in goggle tech.

Frends keeping it friendly with headphones. They’ve got a great thing going and they were super nice, I got to take home two sets of earbuds to try and test on Thanks Frends!

Bataleon Snowboards with TBT leading the charge and looking bright.

Really stoked on the Smith IOX goggles coming out. Can’t wait to try them at the on-snow soon.

Last night Jess Kimura took home THREE Riders Poll Awards. Seriously, well deserved for her riding and it’s awesome to see a rider who rides as hard and as good as the boys. Jess was all smiles.

Each year I continue to be impressed with Ride Snowboards. They’ve done a great job with their binding and snowboards, can’t wait to try a couple out at the on-snow coming up.

The Program is Forum, Foursquare and Special Blend so you get lots of products in one appointment. I’m hoping to try out the outerwear this upcoming winter and get on the women’s Shaka bindings for 2013.

Great to see Lobster Snowboards at SIA.

Yesterday I stopped by Academy Snowboards to get schooled on what’s coming up but forgot to post up their photo so here it is a day later.

It’s great to see new brands popping up at the Tradeshows. Launch Snowboards just launched and I got to get Blue Steel modeling from rider Billy Brown.

Ended the day with a stop into Roxy Snowboards to see the latest snowboard and bindings for girls. The boards had a couple changes and additions with tech but I think the bindings really look great for 2013.

I invited my mom to come out to Colorado and experience some ski time with me after the tradeshow ends. She arrived today and got to see her daughter hard at work blogging. My mom is also a huge fan of Vans Classic Slip-on shoes, so I made her pose in front of the Vans vehicle outside the show.

Tonight’s a mellow night, staying in and catching up on much needed sleep at my hotel. Tomorrow’s day 4 and then it’s onto the on-snow at Winter Park.

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  1. January 28, 2012

    nice! that tat looks awesome!

  2. Andy
    January 29, 2012

    Hey Shay,

    you gave better coverage than the major mags of SIA.

    Cheers for that

  3. February 26, 2012

    Martin, thanks really happy with how it came out. So stoked on the artist Jason Boatman.

    Andy, thanks!

  4. Frank
    February 27, 2012

    I am getting very impress about Smith goggles and Helmet fits together… Seems to be very good… Any other in the industry that do Goggles and Helmet fits like Smith?