Heavenly 2/25/12

25 Feb, 2012

If you’ve ever been to Lake Tahoe, you know what a beautiful place it is. The lake ties together so many different mountains, communities and offers so much fun in one place. This morning, I woke up to a beautiful North Lake Tahoe view from the Shreddytimes house and was ready for another day of shredding. Ashley and I were planning on riding Northstar but I realized my pass wasn’t valid on Saturdays so we ended up making the trek around the lake to ride Heavenly for the day.

We decided to head to the California side of the mountain to start the day and it was a good choice. It was also my first time to take the tram up the mountain with a great view of Lake Tahoe.

It was an interesting day of riding. We cruised around the mountain enjoying fast turns and worked on quick turns avoiding the masses that were out on the mountain.

The California side of the mountain had the better snow conditions of the day. The Nevada side was a bit more icy and windblown. All it took was a cat track to get back and forth across to each side. The California side also had the High Roller park getting built so it was fun to watch them building the massive features.

All smiles with Lake Tahoe in the view

The California side of Heavenly has the Groove Terrain Park, we ended up hitting a couple features throughout the day.

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