Jones Snowboards 2012-2013

14 Feb, 2012

“Come ride with me and escape the chaos of the world are you. No matter which board you choose, you’ll find freedom and the perfect line” – Jeremy Jones.

For year three, Jones Snowboards continues to be a strong dominating company for the soul of snowboarding – freeriding. For 2013, Jones introduces three women’s boards to the line-up (a splitboard, a freeride board and a mountain twin board), the Carbon Series to lighten the load and a line of backpacks to assist on the journey.

Jones Flagship

Ideal for big mountain free riding and fall line freestyle. Coveted for it’s stability at speed and wall crawling edge grip, the Flagship is a big mountain board you can trust your life to. Features directional rocker, blunt nose, mellow magne-traction, FSC wood core, full wood core, ALU protect, flip flop base, carbon stringers, recycled base, sintered base.

Sizes: 154, 158, 161, 164, 163W, 168W

Jones Solution

The ultimate splitboard, ideal for backcountry freeriding and wilderness exploration. The Solution is the answer for backcountry snowboarders who have been waiting for – a splitboard built to charge lines both up and down without sacrificing board performance. Features directional rocker, blunt nose, mellow magne traction, FSC wood core, full wood core, ALU protect, flip flop base, carbon stringers, recycled base, sintered base.

Sizes: 154, 158, 161, 164, 163W, 168W

Jones Mountain Twin

The all mountain fun board, ideal for backcountry freestyle and resort radness. It’s hard not to attach every terrain feature on the new and improved mountain twin. This all-mountain charger rips like a freestyle board with a freeride heart and begs you to rally the mountain like it’s your own personal skate park. Features camrock, carbon stringers, mellow magne traction, FSC wood core, sintered base, full wood core, Film topsheet, flip flop base and new shape for 2013. Comes in a splitboard.

Sizes: 151, 154, 157, 158W, 160, 161W, 164W

Jones Hovercraft

The perfect pow board. Ideal for powder hunting and crud busting! Hovercrafting is a way of life, a life of slaying deep pow without having to ride an aircraft carrier sized shred stick. The Hovercraft packs all the float you’ll ever need in a trim explosive package. Features directional rocker, blunt nose, mellow magne traction, FSC wood core, flip flop base, sintered base, full wood core, film topsheet. Comes in a splitboard.

Sizes: 152, 156, 160

Jones Carbon Flagship + Carbon Solution Splitboard

The Carbon Flagship is a freeride weapon that needs to mercy from the mountains. Whether inbounds or out, it crushes terrain with a confidence underfoot unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Features a carbon topsheet and specially positioned carbon stringers to produce a lighter and more lively board that’s lightning fast edge to edge yet ridiculously damp. Features directional rocker, blunt nose, mellow magne traction, FSC wood core, full wood core, ALU protect, flip flop base, carbon stringers, recycled base, sintered base. Comes in the Carbon Solution Splitboard.

Sizes: 161, 164, 163W

Jones Mothership (Women’s)

The Mothership is an ash-wood topped beauty built for women who fiend for steep terrain and fast lines. This is the women’s flagship board but designed for women who want to ride fast and take chances. Features directional rocker, blunt nose, flip flop base, carbon stringers, full wood core, ALU protect, mellow magne traction, FSC wood core, recycled base, sintered base.

Sizes: 152, 156

Jones Solution (Women’s)

Trail breaking, backcountry ladies will rejoice in the new Women’s Solution splitboard. The Solution is the identical split twin of the Mothership  and is likewise built to handle anything the mountains throw at you – going up or down. Features directional rocker, blunt nose, flip flop base, carbon stringers, full wood core, ALU protect, mellow magne traction, FSC wood core, recycled base, sintered base.

Sizes: 152, 156

Jones Solution and Mothership

Jones Twin Sister (Women’s)

The Twin Sister is the board for women who want to ride it all – pow, pillows, trees and the terrain park. Features include camrock, FSC wood core, mellow magne traction, carbon stringers, full wood core, sintered base, film topsheet and flip flop base.

Sizes: 146, 149, 152

Jones Backpacks

18L Pack

Sidecountry terrain is no place to bring the house and home so why haul around a big backpack you won’t fill. The 18L pack is your answer. Perfect size for avy gear, water, a snack and a layer plus it’s streamlined profile won’t throw you off balance in flight.

30L Pack

The 30L pack pumps up the volume for backcountry missions where you need to bring a little more. It’s bigger in the right spots as a separate avy tool pocket, dual hip pockets and a back panel zipper to the main compartment for easy access to your gear. Compression straps where you want them for securing boards and poles.

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  1. Al
    February 14, 2012

    Took my hovercraft to St Anton with its drastic 2012 pow. Loved it for its stability at speed and floatability. That tiny tail is great for making quick turns on the steeps, when you don’t want to be pointing downhill for more than a moment (Valluga north face!). Also had a great time nose pressing it & switch was a hoot (ok for a few turns, mostly for the comic effect…..)! Bravo JJ

  2. February 14, 2012

    sweet. thanks for the preview! love the graphic on the solution. any ideas on pricing for all these?

  3. February 24, 2012

    excellent very very nice graphic this year
    is possible one question
    sorry for my english
    whats the bindings use for the flagship
    i have c02 burton its okey ( my use only freeride chamonix courmayeur )
    o you have other preference for the flagship
    thank you

  4. Jeffhey are
    March 01, 2012

    On the Carbon Series Flagship. What sizes are being made.
    I know that the Carbon Solution is coming in sizes mentioned above, but I woiuld assume that they are making the non-split carbon in similar sizes to the standard flagship.
    Any info you can share would be great.

  5. Justin
    March 06, 2012

    The knew line up looks great! Jones rocks they make beautiful boards and stand by them. I got the mountain twin this year I blew the slide wall out with two weeks. The Jones CO. sent me a knew within two weeks of them getting it! Thanks, this year I will be getting a solution for me and my girlfriend. The graphic on the solution this is inspiring, and evoke me to go deeper!

    March 12, 2012

    Great preview!!!! Thank you!!!! I have a question why don’t you make other sizes with the Hovercraft?? It’s difficult for people taller like me…. we need more sizes for the powder!! Thank you!

  7. Jeff S.
    March 12, 2012

    Carbon series flagship and carbon solutions are being made in 161, 164,163w.

  8. March 13, 2012

    Mercury, board size goes by weight and width more than height. The 156cm is suitable for a lot of people because of the waist width. And you can size down with it, it still floats like a dream.

  9. Mercury
    March 18, 2012

    I understand shay, thank you fo your answer. But i continue to say it’s just for me. Here is my size, 1m93 and my weight 95!!!!! i ride with board like boat haha!
    if jones could make size like 172cm… would be perfect!! sorry for my english!

  10. hamuli
    April 12, 2012

    Will the Mountain Twin be available as 164w split or which lengths are splitted of the model? I’m quite tall (186 cm) and heavy (86kg) snowboarder and I’m afraid that the shorter boards don’t give enought float in deep powder. I really need the board to be splitted for freeriding/touring and hoping for twintip board for its functionality to be ridden both ways…

  11. April 13, 2012

    Mercury, for sure. Maybe someday!

  12. Alvaro
    April 14, 2012

    Hello Shay!

    Just wondering if you know what shape changes the 2013 Jones All Mountain has. Jeremy said somewhere it has a new shape.


  13. Vince
    April 28, 2012

    I’m interested in what kind of shape the twin will have as well. Sounds like purely a selling point because I can’t notice any difference in the pic and it’s a twin sooo not much room for change. But I loved the 2012, and can’t wait to check out the new model. Thank you!

  14. Joe
    May 02, 2012

    Yo guys, thought I would chime in really quick for you on the Mtn Twin Shape. Yes, the shape will change slightly for this next season. The current 11-12 model is a true twin. but don’t be sad. New for the 12-13 season is more refined all-mountain shape based off of the current model. The board will maintain a twin shape, but have a more directional flex and directional camrock, meaning more rocker in the tip than tail. In addition, the area of camber will also be slightly longer giving the board more improved edge hold. The binding inserts will also be set back slightly for a more directional twin feel. While the current model is a great ride, it’s feedback from consumers not, just pros that help the Jones team make sure what is being offered each season performs to the highest standard.

    Hope this helps!

  15. Cheezey
    May 16, 2012

    Hey Joe,
    I just wanted to say NOOOOO, I spent a long time researching a lot of ‘twin’ boards before deciding on the Jones Mtn Twin this year.. and let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed, it really does it all very well.
    My reason for responding is that I think you are going to lose a lot of custom from guys wanting the true twin ride – all mountain board by making the adjustments described above.

    I could go on, I’m just glad I got mine when I did and will probably never need another stik!

  16. Matt
    June 22, 2012

    I got a Hovercraft split last year. It has a very stiff tail and a very soft nose, the nose is too soft for me. It does have very very grippy edges. But this board has more of a GS cut to it. It’s made for doing big turns in the high-alpine. It is NOT Fishy or surfy in any way! It is not good in tight trees. To be honest, it’s more a board for the Alps in the high-alpine than a Cascade or Sierra slasher, i.e. This is a board for Jeremy to charge down 50degree chutes WITHOUT TURNING in places like Zermatt! It is not a hippie surf powder board to play around with in the trees. I’m that kinda guy, so, I’m a little disappointed with the Hovercraft, I thought it was going to be like a split Fish, IT IS NOT! I’m sure this is intentional though, Jeremy and Terje don’t really ride the same kind of lines.

  17. Matt
    June 22, 2012

    Hey Al up top, the Hovercraft is PERFECT for St. Antons! Especially the tour from Valluga to Zurs!


  18. Frank
    June 22, 2012

    Matt tip info… next time you purchase a snowboard check the spec of the sidecut radius… it seems that you prefer tight sidecut… go for 8Meters and less and you will have fun to turn in the glades etc.. longer sidecut like 8.5 M to 9.2M and over is good to go fast or GS turn…. unless you like to rip your turns without carving it… really depend on the style of riding and preference here… I do have 8.75M Radius now with my board and can carve GS and Medium turns too… but when I need quick turn I just rip my turn easy and then come back on the edges…

  19. Vince
    June 29, 2012

    Hey, thanks for the response to my question, that sounds awesome! Riding the 2012 Mtn Twin, I felt that it could be set back a little more because I ride forward more than switch obviously and those adjustments sound like exactly what the board needs.

  20. August 23, 2012

    Hi guys
    What bindings are you using on the splits. I’ve not had one before but after some hike outs last year in Japan Im keen on one. Can you run skins or similar on them?