Snowboard Review: 12-13 Arbor Swoon

05 Feb, 2012

Location: Winter Park, CO

Snow Conditions: Hardpacked to softpacked groomers.

Setup: I rode the Arbor Swoon with NOW IPO bindings and Vans Ferra boots size 8.

Size: 155cm.

First Impression: Offering up easy all mountain riding that you can count on.

Weight: Average.

Flex:  The Swoon fits the medium flex description to a T. It’s longitudinally stiffer so you still have a stable ride down the mountain. The torsional flex between the bindings is a bit softer so you can get quick response from edge to edge. Overall it’s a pretty easy board to ride and isn’t too aggressive. The swoon has the mountain system reverse camber which has parabolic rocker which has more rocker in the center of the board and decreases the rocker to the tip and tail of the board.  It’s designed for more mountain riding with the flex.

Turning: Turning on the Swoon is easy to engage and an easy board to ride without being too intimidating. You could definitely just enjoy the ride without any consequences on this board. Easy turns on the longer drawn out S turns and when you wanted quick turns, you’d get them.

Stable: The grip-tech noticeably helped on the icy hardpacked spots with keeping a better edge hold while turning. Most of the riding was on the groomers where it was okay on speed, the chop you’d feel it a bit so I rode a bit slower with this board.

Pop: I pretty much cruised around on the Swoon at the demo day so no park time on it. I did play on rollers where it was decent on pop like it was last year.

Switch: The Swoon is a mountain twin, so directional twin shape with more nose than tail on the board. I’ve grown used to riding switch with it so there isn’t much adjustment but it won’t ride like a true twin.

Overall Impression: The Swoon is a great choice for women riders wanting a freeriding specific mountain board with rocker. It’s designed with a medium flex capable of handling a variety of conditions thanks to the mountain system. The grip-tech helps with edgehold on the icy spots and it’s still playful when you need it.

Shay’s Honesty Box: When it came time to try out the NOW bindings, I wanted a board I knew through and through to be beneath the bindings. That was the Arbor Swoon, it’s consistently a good ride and very capable of handing a variety of conditions.

Ready to buy? Head over to evo for the 2011-12 Arbor Swoon or shop their full line of Arbor snowboards

On Snow Photo

Arbor Swoon Description

Review Disclosure: I demoed this board at the SIA On-Snow Demo at Winter Park, CO.

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  1. N.P.S.
    March 27, 2012

    Hi Shay,
    I’m trying to help pick a board for my girl, We do smaller mountains on the east coast.

    She is very competent as a rider, riding for 12 years.
    Not going to hit the park, or straight bomb trails, just needs a solid maneuverable board for NY/east coast mountains.
    I ruled out the Ollie Pop, judging from your review, it would be more of a beginner board?
    She’s 130 lbs, I’m debating between the 146 Eminence and the 147 Swoon.
    What do you think? Are they about the same flex longitudinally?

  2. March 27, 2012

    NPS, Awesome on the new board! Eminence is a bit softer than the Swoon but more aggressive in how it rides if that makes sense. Any reason you aren’t looking at more advanced boards for her? Like the Arbor Push or GNU B-Pro or Roxy Envi?

  3. NPS
    March 29, 2012

    Thanks Shay,
    She asked for something easy/not aggressive to ride. She’d take the Ollie Pop 148, but I talked her our of it thinking it wouldn’t be enough board. Maybe it would be ok? Hard to tell how relaxed she wants to go…We have been going pretty slow, riding with our 7 year old. So I’m considering the Eminence 146 and last years Rossignol Diva 148 (amptek, looks like camrock), softer than this years, and can be found pretty cheap…but she likes the pretty owls on the Ollie!