Stevens Pass 2/20/12

20 Feb, 2012

Yesterday was a hard day for the northwest. Avalanches took three lives in the backcountry at Stevens Pass and one life at Alpental. As the events would unfold yesterday, texts came in that said it was Chris Rudolph in the avalanche. I’ve known Chris from Stevens, the industry and he was an amazing guy to be around. The reason I came back to Stevens Pass was because of him, he told me I was always welcome back and that this was my home. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him.

I didn’t think I would ride today but my friend Erik told me he was going to ride so I joined him. I didn’t want to have to drive by Tunnel Creek and think of the lives lost but Chris would never have wanted anyone to stop doing what they love. So today I rode for Chris.

The mountain was business as usual, it was a holiday so the parking lot was full but the mountain spread them out well. At the bar later on in the day, shots were drank and you could see the impact a bit more on the people behind the mountain.

The backcountry off of Stevens Pass is popular for good reason and the open boundary was closed today.

Cruising through some leftover snow from the storm. Today was getting the northwest legs back under me, absorbing the bumps and re-learning to ride hard and in control.

Erik getting in some turns on the backside of the mountain

End of the day we went through the park to get our kicks, I mostly shot photos and cruised around.

It was good to get back out on the mountain. I love the mountain, Chris loved the mountain. Unfortunately the mountain took him. I hope he’s riding the best powder field of his life with fresh tracks over and over.

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