Binding Review: 12-13 Rome Mob Boss

06 Mar, 2012

Location: Winter Park, CO

Snow Conditions: Hardpacked to softpacked groomers.

Setup: I rode the Rome Mob Boss Bindings on the Rome Hammerhead with my Vans Ferra Boots size 8.

Time to set up the binding: Pretty normal time to set up the bindings.

Fit: I tried the Rome Mob Bosses in the small binding option and they were a good fit to my boot with no pressure points or weird feelings on the mountain. The straps adjusted just fine to the toe cup and ankle portion of my size 8 boots.

First Impression: Customizable tweakability with a fun playful approach to park riding.

Appearance: The Mob Bosses come in blue, black and LNP for styles. I ended up on the LNP binding which I liked the mix of lime green to black style. The left and right bindings were switched with color as well so it just kept things fun between the looks of them and kept to LNP’s personal style.

Comfort: The Mob Bosses kept up with the comfort of last year’s Mobs. Comfortable padding in the baseplate and highbackk. The ankle strap was very comfortable, no pressure at all on my boot (which I had last year) and the toe strap stayed gripped against the toe of my boot.

Functionality: The Mob Boss builds on last year’s Mob binding and brings in a couple new bells and whistles to add to the playfulness and comfort. The YES I can’t system and Can’t in the Back systems offer up more customization, tweaking so you can adjust the binding to be more natural aligned to your angles. The V-Rod Unibody helps with board flex and edge to edge quickness. The Mob Highback keeps it light but with a range of flexibility for mountain to park riding. The new conformgrip toe strap really molds to different boots with support and remaining secure. The contour ankle strap keeps up the comfort and support while riding. Plus the binding is quickfit for easy adjustability on the mountain when you need it.

Flex: Overall on the softer side of the scale and perfectly aligned with the Hammerhead snowboard underneath it. The highback offered up a stiffer flex from the heelcup to midway up but then a softer portion for tweakability on the top of the highback, it was a bit more forgiving on the top portion as well. Stability in the right spots but good flexibility throughout most of the binding.

Response: The Mob boss isn’t meant to be a responsive binding, it’s on the softer side and a lot more easy going for park freestyle riding down the mountain. It was a good pairing with the Hammerhead which was super playful and meant for tweaking out on runs.

Toe Strap: This was my biggest like was the upgrade from the conformist toe strap to the conformgrip toe strap. It offers a lot more flex and support to grip the toe cup of the boot.

Overall Impression: The Mob Boss binding is built around customization and comfort. With the Yes I Can’t System, you can tweak the binding to be canted per your comfort or natural flexing feeling. The Can’t in the Back gives you a highback that allows you to adjust the angle to be more natural to your angles on the mountain. The Mob Boss continues to keep the same feel and flex of the original Mob last year but with a couple upgrades to make it a bit more Boss friendly.

Shay’s Honesty Box:  Last year I tried the Mobs and really liked them but didn’t pair them up properly. This year when I tried the Mob Bosses, it was totally suited to the board underneath it with the Hammerhead. The combo meant a really good feeling binding, suitable for the ride underneath it and taking advantage of the Boss mentality.

Ready to buy? Head over to evo to shop their full line of 2012 Rome snowboard bindings until the 2013 bindings come in.

On Snow Photos

Mob Boss binding Description

Review Disclosure: I demoed this binding at the SIA On-Snow Demo at Winter Park, CO.

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  1. Jason
    March 21, 2012

    Do you think these or the 390 boss would be better suited for a NS evo?

  2. October 22, 2012

    great review! thanks! you talk about the tweakability of the bindings but how do these hold up on the mountain doing piste runs etc? also, any advice on how to match board/binding/boot flexibility?