Flow Tailgate BC Day 2

10 Mar, 2012

The Flow Tailgate BC is underway in Revelstoke, British Columbia and it’s pretty fun to be part of the experience. Thursday was arrival, setting up, meeting new faces and riding Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Today was getting out into the backcountry, back on the sled and going over avalanche safety in the BC backcountry.

It’s a pretty free flowing event, there’s no rules, no meetings, no set schedule. Just show up, make friends and make your way into the backcountry or the mountain. I’m staying right across the street from the basecamp so it’s an easy walk each morning to figure out the plan of the day.

This morning, Mark Sullivan got me set up with Revelstoke guide Jeremy to get into the backcountry via snowmobiles. It’s been my first time this season to get out on a sled but definitely glad to be able to join in the group and experience the trails on Boulder Mountain.

We gathered the group up at the base and hit the trails. It took some time to get back comfortable on the sled and I went slower than a lot of the more seasoned snowmobilers but I rode my own sled and made it!

Snowmobiles are fun!

Once in a safe location with our sleds parked on the side of the trail, we picked a spot to do our snow pit tests. I had just taken my Avy 1 course last weekend so it was a good refresher and a chance to see the possible snow conditions here in Revelstoke.

Compression tests. One more smack and the snow fractured a couple inches down.

While in the parking lot at the end of snowmobiling, there was a Bald Eagle sitting in the nearby tree. I grabbed my camera and captured the Eagle right as it took off. Pretty amazing creatures.

Once back at the basecamp, ended up relaxing in the hotel room for a bit before joining Natalie for a sushi dinner in Revelstoke. I’ve been rooming with writer Natalie Langmann during Tailgate and it’s been a blast to meet a fellow female in the snow industry! We made our way to the Eagle Pass Heliskiing Lodge for the big party of the night (it was a crazy drive through the woods but we made it).

The Eagle Pass Heliskiing Lodge compound was insane. It was a good size home with a huge property. In each room there was a party from the downstairs bar and pool table to the upstairs DJ with dance floor. Outside you followed the walkway to the fire pit and huge dug out snow garden with a live band playing.

Ended up running into a very familiar face, Pete from Unity Snowboards drove up from Colorado to attend Flow Tailgate BC.

Flow Pro Tim Humphrey’s enjoying the fire and party

As the party went on, the raffle giveaway got bigger and better. I watched as names were drawn, cheers from stoked people and the prizes went from socks to shirts to goggles to helicopter toys to heli rides.

The heli trips were the last prizes of the night. I was standing in the crowd and thought I heard my name, then heard Mark call out Shayboarder super loud on the mic and I went up to see what I won. I had no idea I was the winner of one of the heli trips until Mark told me. I literally jumped for joy and screamed. Right after, Mark grabbed this shot with my camera. This is happiness and a very stoked me. I couldn’t believe it and still can’t believe that tomorrow (Sunday) will be my first ever time in a heli and I won it!

It’s pretty rad to be able to be here, experiencing this part of the journey. I can’t wait to get in my first heli ride and put my snowboard skills to the test.

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    Holy shit, free heli!? Get that!