Goggle Review: Dragon APXs

15 Mar, 2012

Intended Purpose: The APXs goggle is designed off of the Dragon APX but in a smaller frame option for those wanting the Infinity Lens Technology (full peripheral vision and easy interchangeability).

Location: I wore the goggles at the Winter Park, Colorado on-snow.

Conditions: Mix of sunny bluebird to overcast flat light on the mountain.

Color: I rode the APXs goggle in the white design. I really like the simplicity of the goggle. The lens color matched well with the pink Dragon logo on the side of the strap and it was really just basic good looks. Small Dragon logos on the bottom of the goggle.

Lens: I rode in the pink ionized lens color for the day (I used one of the brighter lens during the sunshine of the day but switched out to this for most of the day). It was really suitable for the cloudy/flat light conditions that were starting to occur on the mountain and I ended up spending the entire day in them. A tad enough blockage from the sun if you needed it but kept you totally visible on the snow ahead.

Fit: This goggle definitely molded to my face and the entire length of my face. You can see in one of the pictures that it almost comes to the helmet sides. Definitely snug and takes up all the space available so you have better peripheral. I didn’t have any airflow coming in through the nose fit so that was good, it stayed nice and comfortable on my nose.

Helmet Compatibility: The goggles worked great with the Bern helmet I rode during the on-snow. The goggle still had the good peripheral and larger frame but was capable of molding well with the helmet. No issues with the straps on the helmet.

Visibility: I really liked that this goggle kept up with the APX for peripheral vision and good vision all around, just with a better smaller fit for myself.

Features: The APXs goggle is part of the Infinity Lens Technology, which eliminates the goggle frame profile for endless peripheral vision and easy lens interchangeability. The goggle is sealed and features a super anti-fog formula so you don’t fog up on the mountain. For comfort, the goggle has polar tech micro fleece. It also features an optically correct lens, uni-directional flow, helmet compatible and 100% UV protection.

Durability: I only played with these goggles at the on-snow at Winter Park. So I didn’t get to really take them out for a long period of time other than during the day of snowboarding. The true durability test would be a whole season in them but I’m unable to do that until next winter.

Thoughts: Last year I was amped on the APX goggle but the fit could have been better. Now the APXs offer the smaller fit for us faces that need a bit tighter face fit for less fogging on the mountain. It’s pretty rad to see them take the APX style into a smaller face fit. The peripheral is on the same lines as the APX but with a bit more padding and face foam to help fit a smaller face frame.

This is definitely the design that suits my face for fit better so I’m definitely going to try to get out a full season on them to try them out for durability and really test the peripheral on multiple days.

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On-snow photos

Dragon APXs Description

Review Disclosure: I demoed this goggle at the SIA On-Snow Demo at Winter Park, CO.

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  1. Justin Vicary
    March 15, 2012

    Hey Shay,

    Is the Bern Baker/ Watts the best sizing and look helmet that you have tried that pairs best with the Dragon APX/ APX’s? I bought a pair of Dragon APX and impulsively bought a Red Hifi prior to Japan earlier in the year and the fit was a shocker! I’ve also heard Smith Holt and Red Mutiny fit well with APX

  2. March 16, 2012

    Dig the lens color but damn those look huge, makes me think this http://www.odec.ca/projects/2007/bart7j2/_40684625_icehockey_300.jpg or an old motorcycle helmet. I guess that helps w/ the fogging though

  3. March 17, 2012

    Justin, yeah i usually end up in Bern or Smith helmets during the season. Did the Hifi not fit your APX’s that well?

    Justin, haha definitely. The wider frames are crazy big. I call them fishbowl vision.

  4. Justin Vicary
    March 17, 2012

    Cheers Shay,

    I’ve been looking into Bern or Smith:) Which Smith have you ridden with the APX?