Snowboard Review: 12-13 Capita Defenders of Awesome FK

19 Mar, 2012

Location: Winter Park, CO

Snow Conditions: Hardpacked to softpacked groomers.

Setup: I rode the Capita DOA with Union Contact Pro bindings and Vans Ferra boots size 8.

Size: 156cm.

First Impression: Stability of camber meets the fun of freestyle. DOA just like the film keeps snowboarding fun and flowing for the mountain.

Weight: Average.

Flex:  The DOA is that all-around board, for the freestyle riders. It’s in the middle of the flex spectrum, not as stiff as the BSOD/TFA and not as soft as a jib stick like the Horrorscope. It’s built for park riding but can handle the riding outside of park and it gives freestyle riders a chance to ride a mix of camber. Torsionally it’s a bit more stable and stiffer between the bindings but then on the tip and tail a lot more playful with a softer easier to press flex. Longitudinally it’s got some snap and kick to it, it’ll handle quick turns and won’t make you feel like you are riding a donkey down the mountain. The DOA features hybrid FK, a mix of freeriding stability that meets park progression. It features a camber zone between the bindings, zero camber just outside the bindings with a slight reverse camber at the contact points.

Turning: Consistent. That’s the DOA. It’s forgiving on the contact points so engagement is easy and easier to get out of, it won’t buck you off. But once in a turn, you have a very consistent carve radius and flow to the turn. It’s a good all around ride for a reason. Shorter quick turns are possible but I really like the longer drawn out turns on the DOA.

Stable: The first laps of the morning meant some hardpacked icy spots on the slopes, I was really surprised at how well the DOA handled on them. The hybrid FK definitely seemed to absorb the terrain with the camber between the bindings. For edgegrip, the board did a good job staying up and on edge riding down. I noticed the med flex would get bumped around, mostly if I wasn’t riding on the bolts but other than that, the board felt good.

Pop: The only pop test I did with the DOA was first thing in the morning on the rollers around the mountain. It was snappy and poppy during the couple times I ollied with it. I did not take it into the park during the demos.

Switch: The DOA is a true twin and rides like a true twin. I didn’t notice anything different during the times I rode switch with it.

Overall Impression: The Defenders of Awesome is Capita’s newest board to the 2013 line-up. Designed as a true twin hybrid camber freestyle stick, the DOA is sure to be a popular choice and probably gather a couple awards. It’s built for freestyle progression but lets the rider get a cambered stability when they aren’t wanting to play around.

Shay’s Honesty Box: The DOA was the first board of the 2012-2013 demos and a good way to start the upcoming demo season. I really like the cambered zone, it helps give you the stability and the solid riding underneath your feet. It was a good change of pace to ride the DOA after riding the TFA and BSOD the past couple years but personally I’m still more freeride so the other boards suit my riding a bit better.

Ready to buy? Head over to evo to shop their full line of 2012 Capita snowboards until 2013 comes out.

On Snow Photo

Capita DOA Description

Review Disclosure: I demoed this board at the SIA On-Snow Demo at Winter Park, CO.

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  1. August 27, 2012

    Is there any noticable differences between the Capita DOA and TFA? I’m deciding between the two this season. I ride a Horrorscope 155w and I don’t like the way the back kicks out when I make turns. So, I’m looking for a board that handles a little better but turns with ease. Did the DOA 156 feel big? All things being equal which board would you choose to ride?

  2. August 28, 2012

    Currently I ride the Horrorscope 155W. I’m going to choose between the DOA and TFA. Did the DOA 156 feel big and or long? Which one has better pop?

  3. September 02, 2012

    Doa = more feestyle/park/jib and softer
    Tfo = more freeride oriented/big jumps/ powder and stiffer