Stevens Pass 3/16/12

17 Mar, 2012

It’s been a stormy week for the Northwest. Lots of rain in town and snow in the mountains. Stevens Pass has been getting snowfall that kept delivering powder days on the mountain. I waited for Erik to start the day on the slopes we could carpool up together. Even by the time we arrived in the early afternoon, there was still powder in spots and turns to be made.

The best part about Friday snowboarding was the sun came out! I’m still getting used to the Northwest weather and definitely miss those bluebird sunny days after a powder storm. But today it was almost bluebird as the temps warmed up in the afternoon.

Erik’s afternoon powder slash

The snow was a bit heavier than a couple days ago and required some effort to not get stuck or wipeout. I know, cause I took a good fall when I ended up leaving the snow track in a flat spot.

Playing in the snow and dropping into the gulley

It’s finally the weekend which means busier slopes and a chance for me to escape to the Washington coast for a couple days. Looking forward to hanging out on the sand and being out of the snow.

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  1. jpink
    March 19, 2012

    I am jealous! That looks amazing!