Flow Tailgate BC Day 1

08 Mar, 2012

After weeks of anticipation, Tailgate BC has finally arrived in Revelstoke, British Columbia. The next five days offer up a party in the parking lot mixed with a range of snow sports from the backcountry to the resort. We arrived late last night into Revelstoke and woke up bright and early to get a feel for the surrounding mountains.

It’s pretty incredible to be part of the first Tailgate BC. It’s a cool concept to be able to bring people together on and off the mountains for a couple days especially in a region like Revelstoke. Over the course of today, I was able to meet people from the US and Canada who are part of this new experience.

It wasn’t easy getting to Tailgate BC but despite the late start, everyone pulled together to get things done. Eventually the vehicles were gone, more tents came up and the beer garden/fire pit was added to the parking lot. I took this photo this morning during the rush of getting everything setup for Tailgate BC.

All Access pass to Tailgate BC

I wasn’t sure on the plan for today but heading to Revelstoke Mountain Resort was on the list. I managed to carpool to the mountain with the mountainstats.com guys to get laps for the day. We headed up the gondola and got the full view of the surrounding mountains. The constant buzz of the heli was common while snowboarding during the day.

Leftover snow from the latest storm at Revelstoke

I explored the mountain in bounds during the day but it was cool to see the access gates that offer up more terrain.

Chris from mountainstats.com enjoying the snow

I got a ride from the Tailgate crew and we ended up on a tour of downtown Revelstoke. It’s a bigger town than I thought it would be but really cool that it’s pretty low key. When we got back, the Lib Tech crew was returning from their heli trip. For $500 you get four runs on the heli for half day, pretty crazy and I’m really contemplating charging my credit card so I can experience it as well.

In the evening, I helped out with registration and getting people their drink tickets aka making people happy. Then it was dinner with the crew and time to enjoy the beer garden and fire pit with the live band. It was a good time to meet faces from earlier in the day. Pretty excited to be able to put faces to names and meet people that run a lot of the Canadian media sites. Excited for tomorrow, not sure what I’ll be doing yet but looking forward to having more fun on the mountain and at the tailgate party.

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  1. brek
    March 09, 2012

    I wish i was there! You should definately hop in the heli!

  2. March 09, 2012

    do it! once you get heli fuel in your blood, your fucked. you become a junky.

    shay, please buy mark a beer from me (i’ll get you back when you come through utah).

    be safe, have fun!

  3. March 10, 2012

    Brek, oh I am! Tomorrow!

    Lumber, thanks! I’ve got heli time for tomorrow, pretty excited! I’ll buy him a beer but beer is free, haha!

  4. March 15, 2012

    they said that about the first tailgate in ak, too.