Lobster Snowboards 2012-2013

05 Apr, 2012

Eat Kebab and headbang – That’s the motto behind Lobster Snowboards. The company was started by pros Eiki Helgason and Halldor Helgason. For their first year at SIA, they introduced a small collection of baords to showcase the upcoming line for 2013.

For technology, the boards are brought to you with Bataleon standards including Triple Base Technology. The boards are designed with whatever graphic they want and the right flex and shape for all kinds of different riding.

Lobster Jibbbaord

Soft and nice so you can jib around like a madman. Features Jib TBT, 4×4/16 wide inserts, flex core, bi-axial laminates, extruded base, extra wide edges, soft flex. Plus a special edition Jibbbaord snowboard coming Fall 2012.

Sizes: 144, 148, 151, 153, 154W

Lobster Parkbaord

This board destroys the park. Features park TBT, 4×2 inset pattern, wood core, hardwood reinforced, bi axial laminate, extruded base, soft/medium flex. Plus a special parkbaord snowboard coming out fall 2012.

Sizes: 148, 151, 154, 156W

Lobster Jibbabaord and Parkbaord

Lobster Freestylebaord

This board works perfect for park, rails and pow. Impressive, impressive, impressive. Features twin TBT, 4×2/24 party pattern, core core, tri ax laminate, sintered base, lightning edge, medium flex.

Sizes: 152, 154, 156W, 157

Lobster Youth Baord

This board will make the kids sent it like never before. Features jib TBT youth, 4×4/16 wide pattern, flex core, bi-axial laminates, extruded base, extra wide edges, soft flex.

Sizes: 134, 138, 143

Lobster Girl Baord

This board is every girls dream. Features twin TBT girls, 2×4 insert pattern, wood core, hardwood reinforcements, bi-axial laminates, extruded base, soft flex.

Sizes: 143, 146, 149

Lobster Freestyle baord, girl baord, youth baord

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  1. April 06, 2012

    I’d love to get that park board!

  2. sketchy c
    June 26, 2012

    do it is is sooo sick shredded it all last season. most fun playful buttery smooth board ive ridden

  3. Frank
    July 03, 2012

    I think the Park Board is the same board of Bataleon Evil Twin…. so you have the choice 😉

  4. P
    October 13, 2012

    That was true for last year but not this year.

    This years lobster park sits halfway between the freestyle and the jib.

    Also this years lobster park has extruded base, this years bataleon ET has sintered.

    If anything I reckon the lobster freestyle is the same as the ET. With the lobster park being a copy of the current bataleon airobic. The prices match up as well.