Rhythm N Bruise – White Pass 4/29/12

30 Apr, 2012

A snowboarding rhythm section that would be longer, higher and smoother. That was the motto for the Rhythm N Bruise contest at White Pass this year. Snowboarders from around Washington, Oregon and even California came up for the event to come get their rhythm on and have a good time in the northwest.

I was intrigued by the idea of a rhythm contest and riding White Pass (which I had never gone to before) for the weekend. I knew a couple friends and familiar faces would be around plus it sounded like a good event to attend that focused on the fun snowboarding can be rather than a boring snowboard contest. Local Washington riders came out from Baker, Stevens, Crystal, Snoqualmie and White Pass to have fun with a taste of rhythm. Saturday was the practice day and Sunday was the competition, in between runs riders could hot lap the lifts and it ended up being a blast making fun runs with all the crews in town.

Sunday started with a riders meeting to go over details of the event. Two runs, top winners in categories and a best method prize.

Mike Cummins competed in the Cruisers/Expert men division and started off with a shifty over the rhythm gap section.

Gorio minding the gap with a nose grab

Blair racing through the course. When we rode the lift with him, he made his own bib number. Not sure if he actually got a bib during the day but he rode like he did.

John Shaw took third for men in the pro division and while his base says he’s having more fun than us…the look on his face is not sure if he’ll land it.

Unknown rider getting it done

Probably the highlight of the day was the pro flipping skills off basically anything, let alone a gap rhythm portion.

Of course there were some pretty good shortcomings on the gap features as well in the rhythm section and some good crashes to boot.

Looking down at the course from up higher. A bunch of people watched from below, even more rode the lifts and watched the action throughout the day. The contest started at 11am and to the almost 4pm hour. There were over 100 competitors for the finals day that came out to compete.

Tucker Andrews ripping through the course

Pro Forest Bailey came out for a good time, got filmed through the course and took home first place for the pro men’s division.

Andy Bergin-Sperry just returned from his month in AK to return to White Pass for rhythm time. He reminded me of Mario.

Stevens local and Hot Lava snowboarder Ryan McLaughlin sending his method skills to the crowd.

It was my first time at White Pass, Washington. I had grown up riding Washington but never made the trek to White Pass before. Tucked away on the east side of Mt Rainier, it’s harder to get to for Seattlelites but the couple hour drive was worth it for the contest. Props to them and Zac for throwing the event. I spent the weekend snowboarding, lapping the main chair near the contest and just having fun. I rode the hips on Saturday in the setup but didn’t ride the full course till Sunday after it ended, definitely stoked they let people get out and try it without being part of the event.

Zac and Matt Cummins at the end of the day handing out an assortment of prizes to all the age division winners. My friend Aimee walked away with the AM women’s win and took home an Arbor snowboard and a bag of goodies plus the trophy.

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  1. WPHC
    April 30, 2012

    Blair is a tool. Have a little respect. You are still just a little fish in a really big fucking pond.

  2. WPTP
    May 16, 2012

    Second that! Respect the event and the other riders. Think about someone other than yourself for a change. That goes for a few of the other guys that were there too.

  3. Keither
    May 26, 2012

    Easy to bash people on message boards, isn’t it? Respect yourself and shut up. I wasn’t at the event and have no idea what when down for you to say these things, but bashing someone on a message board isn’t gonna solve anything. Putting a fake name doesn’t say much for your character either.

  4. Keither
    May 26, 2012