Smokin Snowboards 2012-2013

17 Apr, 2012

Smokin Snowboards has been marching to their own beat for over 15 years. Their snowboards has been a labor of love with Smokin Jay at the realm and they continue to be committed to building quality handmade snowboards in the USA just outside of Lake Tahoe.

For technology, Smokin continues to offer a variety of cambers/rockers to choose from:  DIRT rocker (flat binding to binding, rocker binding to tips), Anti-Rocker (completely flat throughout the entire effective edge), Clash Rocker (positive camber outside the bindings, rockered between the bindings) and Traditional Camber (positive camber throughout entire effective edge).  Every Smokin snowboard also utilizes Magne traction (MTX) with 7 points of contact along each edge for unmatched edgehold.

Smokin Superpark

The multi award winning Superpark is an all out freestyle annihilator. The best in engineering and materials that Smokin has to offer; the Superpark is available in both Clash Rocker and traditional camber. The result is a snappy, responsive feel guaranteed to have you rocketing to new heights. Designed for the guy who volunteers for first hit when nobody else wants to drop in. Flex: 5 clash/6 camber.

Sizes: 148, 152, 156, 159, 162

Smokin Superpark Wide

The big brother to the well established Superpark, the Superpark wide needs little introduction. Designed to bring all the same performance of the original while accommodating riders with size 11+ boots. Also available in clash rocker and traditional camber. The result is a snappy responsive feel guaranteed to have you rocketing to new heights. Increased stability, decreased toe drag, don’t settle for the 2×4 tank other brands limit their wide boards to. Flex: 5 clash/6 camber.

Sizes: 152W, 156W, 159W, 162W

Smokin Buck Ferton

Everybody loves Buck. Well, almost everybody. For 2013 Buck has classed it up a notch, bringing you all the refinement you have come to expect from his board technologically and “mixing” in some smooth style that will never let you down. We don’t make beer boards and we don’t try to get you to drink the koolaid. Clash Rocker/Blunt Tips. Flex: 5.

Sizes: 147, 151, 155, 158

Smokin Superpark and Buck Ferton

Smokin Superpark LTD

What happens when you take one of our team’s favorite graphics of the year and put it on their favorite award winning board? A frenzy. The Superpark LTD is stacked with all the same high performance features as the original Superpark, with a limited design from our favorite South African style master: Pinky Taylor. As always, the Superpark LTD is available in limited quantities and only to our core dealers. Flex: 5.

Sizes: 148, 152, 156, 159

Smokin Superpark and Superpark LTD

Smokin Kyle Clancy

Lets face it, most boards suck. They have been using the same molds for ten years. Different graphics on the same “custom” board. You can turn the heat off in your house using your cellphone now a days, so it’s time to climb out from under that rock and buy a board that flexes and turns, instead of one or the other. Welcome to the future of freestyle boards: freestyle means everything, not just park! Park Flex, Anti Rocker. Flex: 5.

Sizes: 149, 154, 159

Smokin Lane Knaack

Anyone who has spent time in Tahoe knows of the infamous debauchery of our neighbors in Reno. The biggest little city has all the vices of Vegas, with half the class. When Lane is done leaving his mark on snowboarding he likes to take a little time out to enjoy the finer things the city has to offer. Bright lights, excitement, and the ladies. Lane’s board is a slightly wider platform for extra stability whether you are laying it down smooth, or sending it with the big one. It’s got anti rocker and skate kicks that Lane himself designed for pickin’ up that tail all buttery smooth. Flex: 6.

Sizes: 150, 153, 157

Smokin Team Series

The Team Series is a true twin, jib flex, park desecrator. Backed by Smokin’s stacked team of top gun shredders, their input went into the shape, flex, rocker and graphic direction of each size. VDFLU provides jet fueled pop, anti rocker makes for trusty landing gear, and magne traction slices through ice with heat seeking missile precision. Flex: 4 for 148 and 152/5 for 156 and 159.

Sizes: 148, 152, 156, 159

Smokin  Lane Knaack and Team Series

Smokin Hooligan

The Hooligan is the weapon of choice for anyone looking to take their jib game to the next level. Extra pressable with just the right amount of pop, it’s forgiving and buttery smooth. Available with DIRT rocker for a catch free rail slayer ride. Equipped with magne traction so you can still rip turns at the resort after you give it the concrete curb edge treatment. VDFLU helps fine tune the flex so you can press proper without the cartwheel effect most rockers give you. Flex: 4.

Sizes: 144, 148, 152, 156

Smokin Lane Knaack, Team Series and Hooligan

Smokin MIP

The Snowboard Mag Platinum Pick Winning MIP is a street massacring machine. It was designed to suit the needs of the modern day progressive street riders who need a board that is both stable and pressable. The Blunt Tips give you the most effective edge for your buck, and skate kicks help reduce hang ups on rails. DIRT rocker lets you muscle around that 180 out while the slightly stiffer park flex holds up to that third story bomb drop.  Flex: 5.

Sizes: 147, 151, 155, 158

Smokin BigWig

The BigWig is a mid-wide, true-twin quiver killing machine. Wider waists can accommodate your Sasquatch footprint and give you more stability when putting down the landing gear. DIRT rocker makes it catch free and jib friendly, while Magne traction gives you wavy ice slicing perfection. The BigWig is a do everything go anywhere deck for slightly larger guys, specializing in jib butteriness and pow floating prowess. Flex: 6.

Sizes: 150, 153, 157, 162

Smoking MIP and BigWig

Smokin KT-22

The all mountain ruler, the KT-22 is the original bad ass board from Smokin. Directional shape and flex makes for a ride you can go absolutely anywhere with. From hiking fresh tracks off Eagle’s Nest to hot lapping the pipe, the KT was built to push your limits. Now available with Clash Rocker, the KT has upped the ante of what makes a great all mountain board. Flex: 8.

Sizes: 156, 159W, 162W, 166W, 172

Smokin Pinner

We set out to make a perfect fish. What we ended up with as a pin tailed shark. Turn your lowland powder days into a floaty funderland and your big mountain gnarly charging pow steeps into effortless cruisers. With a severely setback stance and just the right amount of taper for maximum floaty action this board will eliminate the back leg burnathons anyone not riding this powder smasher has experienced. Flex: 7.

Sizes: 152, 156, 159

Smokin Vixen

The two time TWS Good Wood Top 5 winning Vixen features our most advanced technologies in a shape and flex built from the ground up for the female rider. Available in Clash Rocker by popular demand for a high performance responsive flex to match the award winning shape. Taking some park laps? The Vixen is the ultimate choice for women looking to take their riding to a new level of power and style. Flex: 5.

Sizes: 144, 148, 153, 156

Smokin PYT

The Snowboard Magazine Platinum Pick Award winning PYT is the little sister to our men’s MIP model. It’s a rail dancing, fun loving, camber free, shred sled with a narrow waist and softened flex for the fairer sex. Why should guys get to have all the fun? Blunt tips allow for confidence inspiring edge lengths all in a throwable, pressable, package for the ladies. Flex: 3.

Sizes: 139, 143, 147, 152

Smokin Vixen and PYT

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