Tailgate Alaska: Snowboarding Thompson Pass 4/3/12

04 Apr, 2012

Tailgate Alaska is well underway at Thompson Pass. It’s been beautiful every day and today was a great day to get out on the mountain. Gilly was kind enough to bump us with his sled so we could get in our laps for the day.

We headed up to below Bro Bowl to get in turns. The snow was mixed, it’s been settling since there hasn’t been new snow and there’s an assortment of heavy snow to lighter snow depending on where the sun/shade has been throughout the day.

Today was Tony and myself taking laps. Tony won a trip to Tailgate Alaska at the SIA Tradeshow so he flew out from Wisconsin for the fun. Here’s the shot of him riding down the mountain with me.

Gilly and myself on the mountain

For our last run, we met up with the rest of our crew to shred down to basecamp. They took the snowcat up to where we were riding, $25 will get you one ride up.

Peter from Holland is the ISPO Tailgate Alaska package winner. We call him Coffee for short.

Myself on the mountain ready for the last run down to basecamp

Aaron shooting photos of each person riding for his snowboard mag updates.

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  1. April 06, 2012

    mmmm fresh snow lookin all sorts of sexxy!

  2. April 09, 2012

    Your Alaska amazingness seems never-ending. How much longer do you get to stay up there?