WSSF Pro Photographer Showdown

19 Apr, 2012

There are many reasons to come to Whistler for the Telus Festival but one of the biggest reasons for me (besides the snowboarding) is the Pro Photographer Showdown. Photographers are able to capture so many amazing moments and at this event, they can compose their best images into a slideshow tuned perfectly with music that brings chills to the audience. It’s sold out every year for good reason, it’s the best photographers showcasing their best work for a chance at 10,000.

The photographers this year were: Scott Serfas, Camilla Stoddart, Adam Moran, Brian Nevins and Jeff Patterson. Many of the names might be familiar because they are heavily snowboarding focused. Scott Serfas is the principal photographer with Art of Flight/Travis Rice, Adam Moran is the team photographer for Burton and Jeff Patterson is behind a lot of Snowboard Canada photography. Camilla and Brian were new names but really for me, wowed with their images.

The crowd at the event is always amazing and stoked to be there. Within minutes there were familiar faces and hugs from the Endeavor crew. Later on, I ran into Kevin Sansalone and got to catch up with friends from evo during the night.

When you walk in the doors, you receive a ping pong ball for casting your vote. Eventually the time comes when you can pick your favorite for the People’s Choice award.

The People’s Choice winner and Best in Show winner for the 2012 Pro Photographer Showdown ended up being Brian Nevins. His images ranged from travel to surfing to scenery. Probably my favorite was the scenery mixed with rainbows and ocean shots that seemed like pieces of art more than photography.

I personally was a favorite of Camilla Stoddarts work. Lots of colors, variety of images and mesmerizing. She definitely held her own against the boys.

I almost didn’t make it to Whistler tonight (for some reason exhaustion hit me full force the past few days) but I knew I would have regretted missing the Pro Photographer Showdown so I got myself together and made it happen. It was worth driving up from WA alone just to join with friends and be able to watch these amazing photos come to life.

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