Dinosaurs Will Die Snowboards 2012-2013

26 May, 2012

When it comes to rider driven brands that have created their own path in snowboarding, Dinosaurs Will Die is it. From the inner depths of Sean Genovese and Jeff Keenan, DWD has been around the block and continues to drive creativity from themeselves and the riders behind them. This is going to be a big year for DWD with the release of their team video featuring Genovese, Keenan, Larson, Hupp, Bogard and Brewster.

All DWD snowboards feature sandwich construction, full wrap metal edges and stainless steel inserts. Two of the five boards for 2013 have been redesigned with upgrades. The boards range from traditional camber to reverse camber to flat camber depending on the model.

Dinosaurs Will Die Maet

The Maet is one of the two boards to get an overhaul this season. A softer flex, a little more in the waist and some WDT under the hood. This board is primed and ready for the mountain. Features camber, WDT core, extruded base, redesigned, twin tip, flex=3.

Sizes: 152, 155, 158

Dinosaurs Will Die Rat

We’ve mellowed out the reverse camber on this dirty rat to help you ride those bigger rails that demand more speed and stability. Cheat on the press, but don’t get cheated on the landing. Features reverse camber, wood core, extruded base, blunt tip shape, twin tip, flex=4.

Sizes: 151, 153, 155

Dinosaurs Will Die Brat

The Brat is back in its second season with an additional size option. It’s reverse camber and soft flex makes it so easy to ride, it’s no wonder it was one of our top selling boards in 2011. Features reverse camber, WDT core, extruded base, twin tip, flex=3.

Sizes: 143, 147

Dinosaurs Will Die Rat and Brat

Dinosaurs Will Die Genovese

The award winning Genovese snowboard is one of the best all around boards on the market. It’s flat camber design allows you to ride everything from the park to the powder. Features flat camber, wood core, sintered base, flat bank tips, twin tip, flex=5.

Sizes: 151, 154, 157

Dinosaurs Will Die Kwon

Redesigned with a bit off the waist. It also has a lower traditional camber that keeps the board playful while allowing it to maintain that aggressiveness that only camber can provide. Features camber, wood core, sintered base, redesigned, twin twip, flex=5.

Sizes: 153, 156, 159

Dinosaurs Will Die Genovese and Kwon

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