Goggle Review: Zeal Voyageur

17 May, 2012

Intended Purpose: The Voyageur is a new design for 2013 that delivers a rimless design with the quick step lens system built for maximum versatility on the mountain.

Location: I wore the goggles at Stevens Pass, Alaska and Whistler/Blackcomb. They’ve been taken on a couple trips with me so far this year.

Conditions: Mix of sunny bluebird to overcast light on the mountain.

Color: I rode the Voyageur in the teal color choice which is a fun bright color. This is probably what I liked most about the goggle is the patterns and crazy brights without getting too out there. The teal around the frame is simple but then on the strap, you have a full range of patterns with colors from white, gray to black.

Lens: I’ve been riding the Voyageur’s with the gold alchemy mirror lens. It’s good for keeping the sunshine out of your face but also can handle some cloudy/flat light conditions when they come out of nowhere. The UV protection on the lens helps with any glare and brightness on the mountain.

Fit: This goggle fit around my face very snug but it wasn’t as secure around my nose as I’d like. Since I have less of a bridge on my nose, it’s a hard fit to get with goggles. I still ended up riding the goggles a good amount of days to get a feel for them, they took some crashes with me and were still hanging on tight.

Helmet Compatibility: I wore these goggles with my Bern visor helmet and you can see the fit in the picture below. There was some space between the goggle and helmet but no noticeable gap where skin was showing. For the most part, I was happy with how they fit in the helmet.

Visibility: I liked the all-around good vision the Voyageur offered. With the rimless design, there is certainly more vision going on but without a huge goggle taking up your face. I had enough vision to stay happy while riding around a busy weekend at Whistler and Blackcomb.

Features: The Voyageur goggles feature a series of patterns from around the globe and offers a new design for 2013. The goggle comes in a rimless design for total vision. It has the Zeal Quick Step Lens System which offers easy change out on the lenses on the mountain for maximum versatility. It also features an anti-fog infused lens process, impact resistant frame technology, high density lens technology, 100% UV protection, helmet compatible, dual strap adjustments, optimum lens and a two lens set with a low light mirror included.

Durability: I took these goggles on a good amount of late spring season road trips and they’ve held up through some bumpy car rides, crashes on the mountain and easy scratch moments. There are some scratches on the lower portion of the goggle but in a position where they don’t interview with my vision while snowboarding.

Thoughts: It’s been good to take these goggles out on my trips. Normally when the fit isn’t there, I’ll ride them but won’t get into them. Not with the Voyageur’s. The fit around my nose isn’t perfect but I like the design and the colors so much that I’m willing to ride them (luckily in spring conditions, it’s easier) knowing that I’ll have some air coming in when going faster. They offer a good all around goggle that is easy to change out lenses with and a ton of features that work on the mountain. I like the dual strap adjustments and the gripping on the strap so it stays in place on the helmet. I liked how these goggles felt on both the helmet or hat (ended up wearing them a lot on both).

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On-snow photos

Zeal Voyager Description

Review Disclosure: I demoed this goggle at the SIA On-Snow Demo at Winter Park, CO.

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