Snowboarder Magazine Superpark 16: Day 3

10 May, 2012

Superpark 16 is well underway at Mt Bachelor with invited pros, massive features and plenty of action going on around the mountain. Day three continued with the trend of riders going big, bigger and getting creative. With the help of four parks: Mt Bachelor, OR, Seven Springs, PA, Loon Mountain, NH and Boreal, CA there are more than enough features to play on and photographers to get the shot.

The day started with catching up with my old Mammoth roommate, Matt Patti from Arbor and I joined in with the Arbor guys for the day to get shots of the team on a variety of features from the massive Seven Springs cheese wedge to the Mt Bachelor hip/bonk/jib and back to the Seven Springs butter box jib section.

So far the Superpark experience has been insane. The level of riding here is only the best, the park features are taken care of and this isn’t your normal mountain riding. For me, it’s been an experience that I’m still in awe of. Sometimes you just wanna stand there and watch without looking through a lens. How often do you get to see this many big names taking to the air and jibs in one spot? For me, never.

For most of the day I spent time with Matt, Brad and Nate from Arbor Snowboards to check out the team riders and get some shots of them. Nate who films for Arbor was getting set up to film. It’ll be rad to see the edits that come out of Superpark from the teams.

Arbor team rider Scotty Vine trying to get the speed dialed with two feet strapped in before going to one foot on the jump.

It’s safe to say that at Superpark if you see one of the staff near you with a camera, you are in for a treat. T-bird relaxing but ready to get a shot.

Jeff Sponzo sending it over the gap

Eric Leon hitting the quarterpipe

Andrew Brewer with a front flip over the gap

From big mountains to parks, Wyatt Caldwell takes his YES board everywhere. He’s also super bright and easy to spot on the mountain.

The scene at the quarterpipe and jump we were hanging out on and Arbor rider Michael Gray stuck in the center of it all

Nothing like a good handplant session to get riders warmed up and tweaked for the afternoon. It was a good spot to stay up close or watch from my board seat as Visconti, Leons, Leines, Woodman and more took to the walls.

Curtis Woodman

Nick Visconti

The man behind NXTZ Dale Rehberg coming in for a handplant

Bjorn Leines

As the temperature got colder and the wind picked up, the arbor team of Michael, Sammy and Brandon were trying to get the last filming done for the day. The end result were the guys synchronized sessioning the Seven Springs butter box features.

Nick Visconti pulling a backflip off the side hip

Assortment of Mervin crew hot lapping the feature

Capita rider and all-around amazing guy, Brandon Cocard with an easy breezy 180

Since I’ve been camping in the woods with the boys, a shower was much needed and a stop to Dale’s condo was the spot to be. After cleaning up, a crew of us enjoyed a private show from Matt Donahue and Wes Makepeace in the backyard. These pics were taken on instagram (Shayboarder) so sorry for the filters.

To end the night, we headed back to the campsite to see what everyone was up to before crashing for the night. I soon found that Wizard Staff was in full effect and I had a lot of catching up to do. There were some great moments, good laughs and really great falls.

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  1. May 11, 2012

    looks like a grand time for sure!! Thanks for the sneak peak!

  2. e
    May 11, 2012

    Looks incredible, pretty easy to be watching more than riding. Say hi to T-Bird & Dale for me.