Snowboarder Magazine Superpark 16: Day 4

13 May, 2012

Superpark has been going strong all week long with daily shred stoke, massive features and tons of invited pros that make everything look easy. Day 4 was a long day for many riders as the week was starting to catch up but those willing to keep upping the stakes proved it with another day of massive hits.

Day four started with a couple laps through the park before stoppeing on the Loon hip to put the gear down and catch a hip session go down.

Zac Marben with a huge method off the hip

Finally got a shot of Nils Mindnich on the hip session

Seth Hill with all the photographers/filmers attention. He later won Standout rider at Superpark.

Probably the biggest most ballsy move was the Worm (Garrett Warnick) completely airing over the entire hip. He landed it.

Ben Bogart later tried but wasn’t able to pull a successful landing.

Probably the funniest moment of the day is sitting with Dale watching Russell Winfield hike up and hike up again but we kept missing him hitting the hip. We joked that he must have ridden through the trees cause no one saw him. So Russell made sure we didn’t miss his next drop.

He yelled at us from up top and waved us down so we could watch him hit it. The reason we didn’t see him, we thought he was another Capita rider in a red Capita hoodie. I guess someone yelled out “dude’s 40!” when he went big. If you haven’t check out Russell’s website with videos, you should!

Here’s a video of Russell riding with Johnny Lazz at Superpark. Pretty gnarly, went all week without seeing Lazz once.

Humpy has goggles with a pocket on the strap, you don’t wanna know what goes in there.

The most intimidating brutally honest man in snowboarding making sure Superpark is the best of the best.

DWD Sean Genovese working his magic

I first met Jordan Nield in AK but really got to see him ride at Superpark.

There’s no doubt that Zac Marben went big during the hip session

After the hip session ended, we headed down to the Loon tree gap spot to check out the Dinosaurs Will Die crew sessioning the gap to tree stump.

Sean Genovese

 Big Mike


I’ve been camping out all week with the Smith crew at Superpark and a bunch of other familiar faces from Tailgate, Mammoth and Washington. We’ve had wizard staff nights, campfires and good times just hanging out. The night of Day 4, we had our own metal campfire session with Nate Farrell and Danny Garrity performing. Here’s a video that gives an idea of what went down.

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