Snowboarder Magazine Superpark 16: Day 5

13 May, 2012

As Superpark was starting the wind down, the vibe was changing on the mountain to a much more relaxed, shred, have fun and get the last shots/filming done. Most of the riders who weren’t wrecked or hungover, took to the slopes to get their final shots. The day went by quickly and it wasn’t long before the runs were quiet.

The 100 footer at the base has been noticeably popular and constantly with a range of riders and tricks taking to the jump. It’ll be rad to see all the footage from Snowboarder Magazine come out. Props to Snowboarder Magazine for hosting such a big event and working their asses off this week to get everything done.

Flow rider Humpy

Seb Toots did a triple cork on this jump during the week, missed it but can’t wait to see it!

For the afternoon, I got in touch with Cooper from Never Summer to join along with the boys and were able to watch some of the Lib Tech, Technine and Never Summer riding on the Seven Springs step down jump.

Sims rider and Superpark Standout Seth Hill

Forum rider Daniel Ek

Never Summer rider Brady Farr with a sweet tailgrab

I carpooled down with Andy Bergin-Sperry and finally got to see him go huge on day 5 of camp. Zimmerman is on the lip getting a much better shot.

Technine ripper Jonah Owen

Carving out snow is easy, just take a bunch of pro riders and have them start lapping the same line in the snow. Little by little, the top portion of the chair became a snake run…a very quick, fast, etched out snake run. I was standing on the jump and saw Dodds without his photographer backpack on and waited for him to take a turn through it. Kudos to Aaron Dodds for getting his shred on at the end of Superpark.

Filmer Wojtek dropped his camera gear off for a shred fest through the snake run too

After hitting the Seven Springs step down jump, I cruised over with Never Summer to the tree stump jump to get in some shots. By then the snow was slower but the guys were able to garner the speed to gap over and bonk the stump. The consequences if you hit it wrong were a splinter up the ass (ouch!)

Brady Farr

Cooper Hoffmeister

 The evening winded down with a campsite teardown, move to the Lib Tech house and a hop into the truck for a ride down to Bend with some of the Lib boys for dinner and the final Superpark party. All-in-all it was a great week of riding, seeing what Superpark is all about and being able to experience the best riders doing what they do best. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Superpark but being able to blog all week let me meet a handful of riders and be able to photograph a random assortment of riders from various teams.

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