Stevens Pass 5/17/12

17 May, 2012

I thought I had closed out Stevens Pass for the season when Closing Day went down on May 6 but turns out, the snow is still there and it’s too hard to resist playing on it. The mountain looked as if Closing Day never happened, there are few rock spots and still a ton of snow leftover from this winter.

My buddy Nate just returned to the area after a winter in Utah and mentioned heading up for a hike/jib session. I was up for taking photos and being back on the snow even for a couple hours. We met with a couple of his friends in the parking lot to head up to the top of the Top Phlight terrain park. Hiking up after a couple days of a 101 temperature made for a really slow dizzy hike.

Our first stop was one of the few jumps left in the park. Most had been melted down or destroyed so the boys started raking, shoveling and salting to get the feature jumpable.

The boys ended up sessioning the jump, filming in between and working on a variety of tricks. Here’s my shot of Nate Cruise, one of the first shots actually with a indy grab.

After the jump, it was time to play on the corrogated tubes for the afternoon. See how good the park still looks for snow…it’s white.

Nate with a nosepress off the end of the corrogated.

Getting it while the sun is still out

I can’t remember what the sequence was for this shot of Jordan but he’s getting ready to do something rad.

Quote of the day: “Little do you know I’m gonna back 4 off this shit”


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