Stevens Pass Closing Day 5/6/12

06 May, 2012

It was an amazing season for snowfall at Stevens Pass; 564″ total snowfall for the 2011/12 season, plenty of powder days and an extended season through May for riding. But it was also a rough season for Stevens Pass. Amazing people were taken from us and the local watering hole was burned down towards the end of the season. It was a season of highs and lows but people came together to end the season today the only way we know how…skiing, snowboarding, throwing back a couple beers, high fives, hugs and smiles.

For the most part, Stevens Pass has been my home mountain this season. Chris and Stevens welcomed me back with open arms as I struggled to figure out this winter. I ended up traveling more than expected but it was good to come home each trip to a mountain that I love. I  thought when I left for Alaska that I was done for the season at Stevens but it ended up that I was able to come partake in the closing weekend for the extended season.

I headed up to the mountain with Sarah and Erik to get our shred on. We were joined by Dennis early on and met up with friends throughout the day. The snow was pretty good, slushy towards the bottom but still kept in good condition up higher. Coverage was amazing, no dirt showing through and good conditions to end the season.

Dennis on Waterfall jump

Midday break for beers and food on the sundeck. Dennis was dancing for the ladies.

I can’t remember the last time I had a really rough rag doll crash. I’ve had some close encounters with trees where my helmet saved me, some bad falls in the park but since I tend to not huck myself off massive jumps I don’t usually get the rag doll moments on the mountain. Today however I did. I was trying to get a shot of Ryan off the big jump line and was hauling down next to him to get it (bad idea in hindsight). I caught an edge in the slush and completely ate it. Goggles flying in the air, hat in the air, it was a good one. I was fine but man ouch. Sorry Ryan, I didn’t get the shot but you looked great before I crashed.

Once the lifts closed at 4pm, we gathered at the top of the park for the downhill, snowball fights and just hanging out. We ended up watching some of the downhill go and hung out longer to take our time through the park before meeting in the upper lot for beers.

I’m glad I was able to come back and ride Stevens with friends. It was needed. Stevens is a good mountain and I’m glad we made it through the season. Now it’s waiting to see when Bike Park opens and get a feel for what’s coming up next season.

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  1. May 07, 2012

    Such good times on the mountain riding, hugging, high fiving, dancing, laughing, sun soaking, beer drinking, and more!