Goggle Review: Oakley Elevate

11 Jun, 2012

Intended Purpose: The Oakley Elevate goggle are designed with performance in mind for those needing a smaller face fit on a goggle.

Location: I wore the goggles at the Mission Ridge on-snow in Washington.

Conditions: It was the perfect conditions to really test goggles. The weather was changing during the day for a complete range of conditions. It would go from snowy to flat light to overcast to brief moments of clear weather.

Color: I rode the Elevate goggles in the YSC Breast Cancer colorway option which is a mix of pink and white frame design. At first I didn’t really like it but I warmed up to it.

Lens: I wish I knew the lens that I had on the Elevates during this day because they excelled for what I was riding in. I had really good visibility through the lens with the flat light, overcast, snowy conditions. I was more than happy with them.

Fit: The Elevate goggles are designed to fit small to medium faces which they do but they are packaged on a frame that doesn’t look small. You still get good peripheral but with a frame that fits a smaller face. It’s a good combo. I was really happy with the fit of the goggle for this day, I was able to ride all day through the storm and see where I was riding.

Helmet Compatibility: I wore these goggles with my Bern helmet with the brim. Despite being a smaller face fit, these goggles don’t feel too small on my face just in the fit only. They still have good visibility and worked fine with the helmet with no gaps. Even in the gaper gap area, the helmet fur helped cover it up so I didn’t have any gap going on.

Visibility: The peripheral was decent on the Elevate, it’s certainly not as wide as the Canopy but it offers a good goggle for women or smaller faces for the mountain.

Features: The Oakley Elevate goggle features Oakley’s patented O-flow arch for easy breathing and unrestricted airflow, flexible O matter chassis that confirms to your face, balanced fit with or without a helmet, O matter strap outriggers, all day comfort of moisture wicking triple layer polar fleece foam, dual vented lenses with F3 anti fog coating and it’s designed for a small to medium fit.

Durability: I was only able to take these goggles out during the on-snow with one day of snowboarding. I didn’t encounter any issues while I wore them and I didn’t damage them in any way. I’d have to take them out over the season to see how well the lens holds up but so far for riding, no scratches that day.

Thoughts:  On the day I took out the Elevate goggles, it was completely flat light/stormy/overcast conditions. Once I knew the fit was right, I ended up spending the entire day wearing them because of the fit and the lens I had. The lens was more than capable of seeing the varying snow changes while riding and offering good visibility so I didn’t have to guess what was coming up ahead. It was my first time trying the Elevate goggles in the Oakley line. I liked that they offer a smaller fit without having to go with the boxy frame design of the Stockholms. Overall good choice of a goggle without having to go too big on peripheral or too small for a frame.

Ready to buy? Head over to evo to shop their full line of 2012 snow goggles until the 2013 models come out.

On-snow photos

Oakley Elevate Description

Review Disclosure: I demoed this goggle at the WWSRA Mission Ridge Demo.

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  1. June 12, 2012

    They sound perfect for me! I have a small face so I often find it very difficult to find a good pair of goggles, great to hear that these might fit, and still do the job 🙂