Roxy Snowboards 2012-2013

18 Jun, 2012

When it comes to Roxy Snowboards, don’t let the name and looks deceive you. These boards are built tough, designed for a range of female shredders and rip down the mountain. Ecologically friendly and handbuilt in the USA by Mervin Manufacturing (same as Lib and GNU), these boars are created and designed by women for women riders. They  continue to focus on the environmental efforts that Mervin stands behind which you can see in the bio-plastic topsheets and eco-conscious materials.  Roxy makes boards for women ranging from beginning riders to the advanced riders, park to powder.

For 2013, Roxy has listened to the demands of the women and introduces the new banana smoothie board series. Built for freeriding and powder, the Banana Smoothie comes in a regular and splitboard snowboard with the EC2 Technology. Roxy continues to offer C2 BTX on the more advanced boards, BTX on the more playful boards and banana on the beginner boards to make the learning curve easier.

Roxy Eminence C2 BTX

The Bright edition Eminence is an all mountain freestyle powerhouse featuring the best in board technology. Specially designed for Torah, she rode the Eminence to gold medal victory in Vancouver. Whether you’re dropping through a tight chute or popping off a jump, the Eminence will take your riding to the next level. Features true twin aggressive freestyle, columbian gold core, sparkle bio plastic beans top, sintered 9900 base, 5 SW sidewalls, vectran fiber, C2 BTX, power banana, 30% lighter/eco timber, magne traction edges, ecologically made in the USA, flex=6.

Sizes: 143, 146, 149, 152, 155

Roxy Banana Smoothie EC2

Three words: you, powder, trees. A freerider’s dream, the new Banana Smoothie flies through powder, cuts through crud and carves through the iciest conditions with ease. Designed with all mountain expert Robin Van Gyn, this true twin features EC2 technology, eco-friendly design and magnetraction for a smooth, responsive ride. Features true twin ultimate all mountain freestyle, full envi core, bio plastic beans top, sintered 9900 base, 5 SW sidewalls, triaxial fibers, EC2 technology the perfect blend of banana and elliptical camber to help you conquer all mountain terrain, magne traction, ecologically made in the USA, flex=5.

Sizes: 142, 146, 149, 153

Roxy Banana Smoothie EC2 Splitboard

Ready to take your skills to the backcountry? Featuring women’s specific, eco-friendly design, the new Banana Smoothie splitboard is your ticket to all mountain adventures. With banana technology, magne traction and a true twin shape, you’re ensured a good time once you get to that secret spot, no matter what the conditions. Features true twin split for backcountry, sidecountry and slackcountry, full envi core, bio plastic beans top, sintered 9900 base, triaxial fibers, EC2 technology the perfect blend of banana and elliptical camber to help you conquer all mountain terrain, magne traction, comes with premium Karakoram clips for increased lateral tension between the two boards for hard pack performance, compatible with Karakoram and Voile split board binding interface systems, ecologically made in the USA, flex=5.

Sizes: 152, 155

Roxy Ollie Pop C2 BTX

For head-turning style, we prescibe the Ollie Pop to add a little extra to your spins and jibs. Team rider Erin Comstock considers the award winning Ollie Pop her “favorite board of all time.” Combing power banana technology, a lightweight envi alloy core and a magnetraction for confident grip, you’ll have all the tools you need to slay the park. Features harmonic twin shape, O-pop shape, playful park freestyle, envi alloy core, TNT base, sparkle bio plastic beans, 5 SW sidewalls, magnetraction edges, ecologically made in the USA, quasi-isotropic fiberglass, flex=4.5.

Sizes: 141, 145, 148, 151, 154

Roxy Ally BTX

Like every good sidekick, the Ally has got your back – this board provides a fun and friendly ride that lets you focus on the adventure in front of you. Developed with Kjersti Buass to create the ultimate all mountain freestyle board, the Ally features a directional twin shape and BTX technology. You’ll be at ease anywhere on the mountain whether you’re carving up groomers or floating through powder. Features directional twin, light alloy core, TNT base, 5 SW sidewalls, banana traction, banana and flat cambers mix with magne traction, less narrow widths for 151 and 155cm, extra wide stance options to go with LN shape, ecologically made in the USA, biaxial fibers, flex=4.

Sizes: 139, 143, 147, 151LN, 155LN


Embrace your sense of adventure on the new XOXO. Designed for all mountain freestyle, the XOXO’s pickle technology (PTX) keeps you balanced, providing pop and response on any terrain you can throw at it. On a board this fun, every run on the mountain will feel like a park lap. Features PTX pickle-technology, magne traction, glow in the dark sidewalls, ecologically made in the US, asymm twin, asymm aspen gold, bio plastic beans, TNT base, 5 SW sidewalls, triaxial fibers, flex=4.5.

Sizes: 143, 146, 149, 151

Roxy Silhouette Banana

Progression friendly, the Silhouette’s true twin shape and banana technology provide a catchfree, confidence-boosting ride. Friendly flex for beginning freestyle tricks is combined with a versatile shape and stability. From top to bottom, the Silhouette is perfect for all mountain exploration. Features true twin shape, precision alloy core, CX 2500 base, 5 SW sidewalls, banana (without magne traction), reverse camber between the bindings, flat from the bindings to the tip and tail, ecologically made in the USA, biaxial fibers, flex=3.

Sizes: 141, 146, 151

Roxy Sugar Banana

Create some magical snowy memories with the Sugar Banana. This sweet all mountain twin is the perfect partner for new snowboarders. Banana technology gives you a catch free confident ride so you can focus on having fun with your friends. Features twin, all mountain beginner, precision stock core, CX 2500 base, 5 SW sidewalls, biaxial, banana without magne traction, deep sidecut is easy to edge and leads to smoother turn linking, ecologically made in the USA, Flex=2.

Sizes: 142, 147, 152

Roxy Inspire BTX

The Inspire was designed for girls to make the quick transition from first turns to freestyle with ease. Banana technology gives a maneuverable catch free ride, while magne traction provides added confidence and control. From peak to park, this board inspires fun and progression. Features new shape for 2013, true twin, all mountain freestyle, next generation of rippers, precision stock core, CX 2500 base, 5 SW sidewalls, biaxial, banana traction for catch free riding, magne traction, ecologically made in the USA, flex=2-3.

Sizes: 117, 128, 134

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  1. January 12, 2014

    Shay, buying my gf a board this season and she fell in love riding my 152 Skate Banana. It’s a bit long for her and squirrely for me to hand it down to her. Looking at C2 with BTX, but unsure about size for her. She’s 5’7″ and 125lbs. Looking at the Ollie Pop in a 145 or 148. What you think? I”m sure they’re going to float and ride bigger than with the BTX, but not sure about size….thanks!

    • January 14, 2014

      Hi Mike! Awesome on buying your gf a new board. C2 will definitely be less squirrely and a lot more stable than the freestyle banana. Ollie Pop is a great choice, good all around board that she’ll grow with. I would get the 148cm for her since it suits her weight best for sizing. The 145cm is on the small size for her weight but would be easy to learn on since it would be so much smaller.