Whistler Bike Park 6/2/12

03 Jun, 2012

After riding Whistler Bike Park Opening Weekend a couple weeks ago, I knew I’d be returning as soon as I could for more downhill time. It felt really good to be back on the mountain bike getting my fix of adrenaline, heart pounding fun as I rode down the mountain. After spending the holiday weekend in Washington, I knew this weekend I’d be returning to ride Whistler again so I packed up the bike, drove the 5 hours and arrived Friday night at my friends place.

Saturday’s conditions were wet, muddy and fun. The weather was constantly changing on the mountain from sunshine to rain to hail (yes hail). Having learned to bike on really dry, loose conditions…I’ve been loving the wet, muddy conditions. In the picture below, you can see the Crankworx building beginning on the lower mountain course. Pretty rad to see how insane it is.

The best part about coming up to Whistler to ride has been my riding buddies. I’ve known Carrie for years through snowboarding and she introduced me to Janet who rips on a bike. We ride and have fun. It’s supportive without being competitive. I like that.

Janet and Carrie in the lift line

For most of the day, we ventured around the trails that we knew. It was a mix of B-Line, Ho Chi Min, Hornet, Heart of Darkness, Ninja Cougar, Karate Monkey, Samarai Pizza Cat, Wednesday Night Delight. Since conditions were wet, any wood would be slick and slideable. I found that out pretty quickly on one of the wooden ramps when I started to slip sideways as I was coming off it. Luckily pulled it together and rode out of it into the rocky landing. We stopped into the Wednesday Night Delight trail to work on our ramp dropping skills.

Janet dropping

At the base of the wooden drops are wooden features to practice on.

Carrie dropping. She later went on to one to the next size up for dropping and made it

Tomorrow is another fun filled dirt day on the mountain. Looking forward to getting back out and progressing my riding with the girls.


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