Whistler Bike Park 6/3/12

03 Jun, 2012

Spending a weekend in Whistler is exactly the right amount of fun regardless if it’s winter or summer. Last night we met up with a crew in Squamish for dinner before watching the Whistler vs Squamish roller derby match. Despite sore muscles from riding hard on Saturday, we headed back to the mountain to get in our laps. It was our girls crew of Carrie, Janet and myself for the day.

The day started warmer than expected with some sunshine but eventually turned to overcast rain throughout the day. Most of upper mountain was socked into the clouds but lower mountain with the open trails was in good condition. The trails were drier than yesterday with some muddy spots.

We mostly stuck to B-Line, Ho Chi Minh, Heart of Darkness, Hornet, Ninja Cougar…trying to think of the rest. So many of the trails interweave so you end up riding a bunch of them on one run.

The pic below is right before I followed Janet to make laps on Heart of Darkness. Even though it gets super rutted, it’s probably my favorite run because of the berms, jumps and flow. It’s funny to hear the occasional sound of the zipliners above you in the trees.

This morning I had to figure out how to get into my truck when a bear was hanging out 5-10 feet away from it and then on the chairlift, a bear was chilling in the bushes around the Bike Park. Pretty fun to get in some animal kingdom during my visit.

Yesterday I had a slip out on the wooden bridge on Ninja Cougar but pulled it together so I didn’t crash. Today I had to go back and get in the same lap without the slip out on the bridge. I got it and wasn’t scared but man my heart was pounding as I dropped the bridge into the rock garden below. It’s one of those things you just have to commit and get it done without doubting yourself.

Self-Portrait at the end of the day

End of the day washdown to clean off the bikes

It was a good day but the sore muscles from Saturday were definitely making it harder today. I didn’t feel as on my game and neither did the girls so we called it a day after a couple laps. Sometimes you just wanna take it easy and have fun without getting reckless. Regardless it was a great weekend back on the trails, definitely eye opening to realize that even though I love my bike…getting a downhill bike at the end of the summer needs to happen. It’ll be a couple weeks before I’m back but excited to visit again when the ladies nights start.

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