Whistler Bike Park & Women’s Bike Clinic 6/25/12

26 Jun, 2012

For the past month, I’ve been progressing in the Bike Park. Sometimes it’s been baby steps, sometimes huge leaps. I’m still moving forward, gaining confidence (and losing it on some days) but I’m always having fun. This trip to Whistler was based around coming up just in time to experience the Whistler women’s night clinics to help my progression along with coaching. A little coaching can go a long way and it seemed like it was time to work on specific skills in the right environment.

Today started in the local bike shop, Fanatik Co., to purchase new grips and a handlebar. It was cheaper than a new bike and should be a short-term fix for one of the issues I’ve been having on my current setup.

After getting set up, I got in a couple laps to get used to the wider handlebar. It was a less progressive day than yesterday, I enjoyed the runs without feeling like I needed to prove myself or get wrecked.

I had heard so many good things about Whistler creating a clinic that helped women take their skills to the next level. For less than $20 with your lift ticket you get a 2-hour clinic, beer and a chance to win prizes at the end of the night. I was in, good way to spend $20 (and I even got two beers at the end of the night). We met up at 5:45 to figure out what group to join in. I was in one of the intermediate groups that wanted to work on drops. We ended up working on a range of trails from technical to drops in the skill center.

I had Andrew for a coach who took us to the skill center to get proper technique on drops in the first portion. We lapped over and over until we started getting to the higher drops. It was a good chance to get things right before moving onto the next one. I started on the second drop and ended up on the fourth by the time I finished. I felt a lot better about my drops technique as well.

On the way down, we did a couple more technical trails to make sure everyone could get them before dropping the GLC ramp at the base. It was my third time dropping it and I felt a lot more smoother this time around. I was the model for another girl to watch so she saw what it was like (so I had to get it right). On the next run, everything felt better even though it was familiar trails. I really liked the group of girls we had, all were supportive and super helpful when trying new terrain. It was good to have Andrew our coach helping us with lines to take down certain trails and what to look for.

When we headed down after the lifts closed at 8pm for beers and prizes at GLC. I didn’t take any prizes home but it was still worth the money to get coaching. Already looking forward to the next women’s clinic I can attend.

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