Goggle Review: Ashbury Warlock

22 Jul, 2012

Intended Purpose: The Warlock goggles offer a wide vision in a simple, stylish package with proper venting for the mountain.

Location: I wore the goggles earlier in the season at Mammoth Mountain, CA.

Conditions: All the days I rode these goggles were sunny bluebird days on the mountain.

Color: I rode the Warlock goggles in the gray colorway with the white Ashbury strap. It’s a simple design and I like that it goes with everything.

Lens: I rode the silver mirror lens which is suitable for the bluebird sunny days on the mountain. It really does block out the light and it’s completely mirrored so you don’t see my eyes either.

Fit: The Ashbury’s definitely offer a comfortable fit and mold well to my face. For the nose area, it has enough face foam to help eliminate a gap between my nose and the goggle.

Helmet Compatibility: I tried the goggles with my Smith Allure helmet but it wasn’t the best fit. There was a gap on the top of the goggle to the helmet so I ended up spending more days riding the goggles with beanies only.

Visibility: The peripheral vision on the Warlock is good, it’s wide enough so you feel like you have a wider range of vision without being too big and oversized.

Features: The Ashbury Warlock goggles come with full perimeter venting on all frames to ensure maximum airflow and no fogging. It comes with a double anti-fog, anti-scratch protection. The face foam is hypoallergenic ultra-soft red face foam for maximum comfort. The snap fit lens technology allows for easy lens changing. It’s helmet compatible. Designed to be a simple stylish design with a wide range of vision. The Warlock is 100% UVA/UVB/UVC protection.

Durability: Before I left Mammoth, I spent some time riding these goggles in the sunny California conditions. The venting was good and even on the warmer days on the mountain, I never noticed any type of fogging. The lens are in good shape after riding a number of days in them.

Thoughts:  I like Ashbury goggles, they are simple with all the basics you need. But I honestly think they look and fit better with a beanie than a helmet. I like wearing helmets so it’s a tough choice. But overall the Warlocks stood by the description and it was fun riding in an Ashbury goggle with venting to make the mountain a bit more airflow friendly.

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On-snow photos

Ashbury Warlock Description

Review Disclosure: Ashbury sent me this goggle to review during the winter season.

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