Goggle Review: Spy Platoon

02 Jul, 2012

Intended Purpose: The Spy Platoon offers oversized vision for your pleasure with all the features of Spy goggles.

Location: I wore the goggles at Stevens Pass throughout the winter season, mostly on overcast, snowy powder days.

Conditions: Mix of overcast to snowy powder days.

Color: I received the Platoons in the Herschel colorway which is a really bright blue color with some key red elements. The strap is blue with the Herschel tag stitching, on the inside of the strap is a red/white pattern. It’s very patriotic. The only thing that doesn’t fit the goggle is the gold on the front portion, that actually serves no purpose in my opinion.

Lens: The Platoon’s came with a bronze with silver mirror lens and a free persimmon bonus lens. I ended up using the persimmon lens due to the conditions in the Northwest needing a lens that could handle flat-low light days. The silver mirror only came out on the rare sunny travel day that I had.

Fit: The bigger vision goggles don’t always fit when it comes to my nose (lack of bridge) but the Platoon did better than expected with the face foam that goes around the nose. Even though the wider vision is there on the wider frame, it can still fit a smaller face. But it definitely looks huge on a smaller face too.

Helmet Compatibility: I wore these goggles on my Smith Allure helmet, the goggles fit the room given with the helmet without looking too oversized. There were no gaps in the top portion, it synced up quite nicely there.

Visibility: The Platoon definitely gives more vision for your pleasure, there is a good field of vision for riding. I was definitely impressed and it holds its own against the other wider vision goggles.

Features: The Platoon features a flexible frame that conforms to any face for a comfortable fit. The patented scoop ventiliation system combats lens fogging for clearer vision. The 5.5 base ARC spherical dual-lens system with anti-fog and anti-scratch protection helps with protecting your goggles and making them last longer. The Triple-layer isotron face foam features a moisture wicking dri-force fleece for comfort. The strap is dual-adjustment, silicone ribbed so it doesn’t move on you. The goggle is 100% UV protected and is helmet compatible. You also get a free bonus lens so you have multiple choices depending on conditions.

Durability: I played with these throughout the winter, in a range of conditions on the mountain but definitely a good amount of powder days. They’ve held up really good with the anti-scratch protection, despite some traveling and crashes, there are no scratches so far. Overall they look in great shape and I have two lenses instead of one for them.

Thoughts: With one of the best taglines (oversized for your pleasure) for a wide vision goggle, the Platoon does offer up the wider vision that helps make your mountain better experience more visible. You have a full range of peripheral and a lot of vision upwards/downwards on the mountain. I liked that the goggle frame could still fit a smaller face (something that can be hard to come by with a wider vision goggle).

The goggle isn’t a quick-lens system so changing out lens takes a minute to get them switched and popped back in. I really liked the design of the goggle, the only thing that didn’t win me over was the gold material on the front. I didn’t find the purpose for that and it just seemed like trouble, I tried to take mine off but couldn’t and it was a absolute hell to get them back on (so don’t try that). The Spy features are good as usual, the triple layer face foam has always been super comfortable and I really like the durability of the goggle.


Ready to buy? Head over to evo to shop their full line of 2012 snow goggles until the 2013 models come out.

On-snow photos

Spy Platoon Description

Review Disclosure: I received this goggle from Spy to test and review for the winter season.

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  1. jenny
    July 02, 2012

    looks good

  2. gags
    July 09, 2012

    loving my Platoons….great goggle!

  3. July 17, 2012

    Fanciest goggle bag ever