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14 Jul, 2012

NXTZ brings together a collaboration of people, ideas, style and passion wrapped up in a product line for the active lifestyle. The core line of NXTZ focuses on making the outdoor experiences better with comfort, style and technology in a tubedana, balaclava, tube and bandanas.

For 2013, NXTZ continues to offer their technology of Dry-Tx, breathable fabrics and comfortable designs.
The Class line offers premium knit goods that are soft and knit to fit. The Beta Project offers high quality, comfortable, technical material with moisture wicking, odor resistant with a contemporary edgy design.

NXTZ Tubedana

The game changer. Take our dual layer bandana and combine our dual layer tube and what do you get? The tubedana. This dual layer protection piece offers our super spandex outer and our mesh inner with a single layer of mesh over your nose and mouth for just enough breathability. Add to that a soft binding and a contoured shape that covers your ears and you now have the ultimate protection piece. Made in the USA with pride.

Colors: Aqua, Orange, Black Tradition, Red Tradition, Psych Stripe, Vertigo, B+W Ahoy, B+R Ahoy, RWB Plaid, Denim

NXTZ Dual Layer Tube

Take Dry-Tx mesh and Super Spandex, mix them in a bowl of angst and pride and what you get is the NXTZ Dual Layer Tube. This handmade tube features 2 layers of performance fabrics to keep you warm and protected in all of the elements. The design features our scoop neck shape to help keep this tube where it belongs. The fabric stretches to fit your face just as you want it. For serious cold and unpleasant weather, this tube is all you need when the going gets tough.

Colors: Black Box, Purple Box, Pink Preppy, Blue Preppy, Burgundy, Aqua, Orange, Pirate Stripe (seen here), Mod Stripe

NXTZ Single Layer Tube

This premium handmade super tube is the top dog in the tube world. Made using our Dry-Tx mesh fabric, this is the ultimate tube for the outdoor enthusiast. Our fabric keeps you dry, protects your skin, is breathable and moisture wicking. Wear this item as a tube, a beanie or a balaclava.

Colors: Aqua, Aztec, Native, Denim, Red, Life, Snake, Eye (seen here), Black, Hunter Camo, Color Camo, Pixelated, Psych Skull, Big Headed Astronaut

NXTZ Dual Layer Bandana

Designed and handmade in the USA, this 2-layer bandana is tradition meets tech. Our Dry-Tx mesh lines the interior of this bandana and our super stretch spandex is used on the exterior creates the perfect environment for your face. Using our proprietary velcro for the closure system, we assure you this Velcro will not attach itself to your clothing or your hair like traditional velcro can. A top-notch product for top-notch individuals.

Colors: Black Death, Franken Prez, Psych Skull, Blue Pirate, Red Pirate, Hipster Rainbow, Mod Stripe, Markovich-1, Red Fang (seen here)

NXTZ Balaclava

This carefully handcrafted 4 panel balaclava fits and works just splendid. We seriously thought about the way a balaclava should work and built this bad boy around that concept. Fit, form and function. Single layer Dry-Tx mesh forms to your head and face to keep the cold, sun and elements off your skin, so you can enjoy the outdoors longer! Breathable, moisture wicking and comfortable, what more do you want?

Colors: B+R Ahoy, B+W Ahoy, Color Camo, Hunter Camo, Flag, Black, Markovich-1 (seen here), Madsttez

NXTZ Peppin Tube

This 100% acrylic, single layer tube is nothing short of perfect. Thin and breathable yet warm and comfortable designed with tradition and style in mind. This knit tube features a longer fit for multiple uses and is made for any outdoor activity. Around town, on your bike or on the hill, the Peppin tube will not let you down.

Colors: B+W stripe, Heather, Aqua

NXTZ Minky Tube

One of our best selling items to date. The Minky Tube is handmade with smooth, supple cuddle fur and features our Dry-Tx mesh lining for superior comfort. This tube is so soft and so comfortable your face will thank you when the wind is howling and the snow is flying. Protect your precious facial skin from the elements in style with this hand-crafted tube.

Colors: Zebra, Black Diamonds, Houndstooth Bright, Leopard, Retro, Houndstooth

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