Timberline 7/18/12

18 Jul, 2012

After spending the last couple weeks mountain biking, I finally planned a trip to visit Mt Hood for some much needed shred time. For those seeking summer snowboarding in the US, Timberline Lodge has it and there are two popular summer camps that offer fun private parks for your enjoyment. The northwest had a good winter which means an awesome summer for park building on the glacier.

Arriving back at Mt Hood in the summer is always magnificent. The mountain fills up with tourists, races, park rats and everyone who just wants to enjoy the snow longer. I was really stoked to see the snow conditions for mid-July and see that you could still ride to the bottom. The weather held up throughout most of the day, there were some clouds that came through but it remained rideable all day long.

Steph and myself on the chairlift heading up

Located right next to each other, HCSC and Windells battle it out for snowboard camps in the summer. I was really excited to be able to ride both camps today so I spent the morning lapping HCSC with Steph and the afternoon at Windells getting some photos and lapping the easier features. Both camps have rope tows so you can lap park features all day long to your hearts content. One of the biggest differences between the camps is the layout. HCSC is more condensed, everyone in the same area together while Windells is more spread out in different sections. Coaching styles are different from the experiences I’ve had at each one.

Steph’s nosegrab on the HCSC jump line

Zeppelin lapping the big jump line at Windells

Steph and Riley during break/lunch time waiting out the clouds coming through

Since I haven’t snowboarded in months, today was definitely a get-back-into-the-swing of snowboarding kind of day. I took some crashes that were completely idiotic but I also had fun getting back on the park features. I ended the day earlier than expected but had a nice fun lap down to the bottom through the public park.

At the end of the day, it was the perfect timing to snag downtime with the boys from Neff while enjoying some ice cream bars. They have it made with the Neff RV touring around shops and mountains.

On the way back to the Ark, it was worth the stop to hit up Cobra Dogs for a delicious Cheddar Conda. Yum.

I’ll be back on the mountain the next couple days lapping camps. Looking forward to getting my tricks back on and working on some new stuff while riding this week.

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