Timberline + Windells Camp 7/19/12

19 Jul, 2012

Today was a good day. The day that everything starts to come back that you forgot, the day that you have a good crew to ride with and the day that snowboarding is fun. My snowboard legs started to come back, making today a lot more comfortable on the boxes and back on the board.

We ended up having our group of girls lapping the park today. It was Michelle, Angela, myself, Caitlin and Taylor lapping the box section of Windells Park in the sun. With the rope tow right there, you could lap over and over to your hearts content.

Switched up the boards with the Ride Kink to take out on the snow today thanks to the Windells demo center. Pretty fun board for the conditions on the mountain and park laps. I’ll make sure to post a review soon on it.

I ended up taking out the nice camera to get a couple shots of the girls on the down box. Here’s coach Caitlin’s wicked style.

Michelle is the Windells office intern but got out on the slopes today for fun laps

Angela Swain on the down box

I was able to play around with the Zeal Z3 testing out the GPS and tracking on them when I took longer runs today. I’ll play around with them more tomorrow to get the full testing done.

After lapping park and hitting boxes, I was ready to call it a day and head down the mountain for last run. From Windells there’s a pretty long single track of snow you can haul down on.

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